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Ben Samples: Choose Your Own Adventure LP

Ben Samples is one of the staples discussed when throwing around names in the glitch-hop and midtempo genre of music. His unique sound design and bass lines have such a distinct sound that he has helped evolve the direction of where the music is today. Samples has matured his sound over recent years and help his local area of Denver/Boulder Colorado become one of the Mecca’s for bass music. His duo act with Greg Fisk, Fresh2Death, has toured all over the States and considered one of the best live shows around featuring live remixes. His energy, skill, and talent is unmatched when he steps behind the controls, it’s truly a performance more than anything. Choose You Own Adventure is Samples new album released by Made in Glitch. The title is baed on choose-your-own adventure children’s book series that became popular in 80s and 90s where you chose your own destiny. This 15 track release is just that, an adventure into the mind and world of a legendary bass warrior battling through the life of a rockstar. The album has chapters that bring a familiar nostalgic feel and others that take us on entirely new trip into new dimensions. You will never know what is around the corner but it’s one hell of a ride. Throw the album on shuffle and see how long you survive.” – AfroMonk

In an era where most artists simply churn out singles as fast as they can and then compile them together into EP’s, it is always a pleasant surprise to see an artist spend the time to put together a cohesive concept album. That is exactly what Samples has done for us with his Choose Your Own Adventure EP. Pick your adventure and enjoy the ride!

Ben Samples – Return To Atlantis:

Choose Your Own Adventure(BUY THE ALBUM HERE)
Artist: Ben Samples        Release: MIGREC13
Label: Made In Glitch     Duration: 54:43
Genre: Breakbeat            Tags: Breakbeat • Glitch Hop • Glitchy • Midtempo
Released: 2010-12-06

Ben Samples SoundCloud
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Ben Samples BandCamp



NastyNasty – Special You

One of our most frequently featured artists, Jasper aka NastyNasty has released yet another batch of delicious tracks. In order to thank his fans for all their support contributing to the recent success of his tour, as well as the SoundCloud topping victory of his track Apologies, NastyNasty is giving away this 2 track set for free.

Special You is composed of two songs, Work Visa VIP and the Better Off Alone VIP. Both of these tracks are VIP versions of some of NastyNasty’s best early material, freshly remixed and ready to play. The new version of Work Visa is one of my favorite songs by NastyNasty so far, and Better Off Alone is definitly worth the download as well.

Realistically, everything released by NastyNasty is bound to be good. He understands the texture and quality of a bassline in a way no one else does, and his production quality is always crisp and perfect. NastyNasty is certainly one of the best, most outspoken producers on the scene today. Follow this guy on SoundCloud if you haven’t already!

“Special You” Download Link


Nit Grit

The King of the Lazer Bass, Nit Grit is one of the few artists in the “dubstep” genre consistently releasing chart-topping songs across the internet. His unique blend of haunting melodies, heavenly synths, and soul-crushing bass makes his style extraordinarily unique and recognizable.

Most of Nit Grit’s mixes rate in as my top listened tracks on my ipod, and Nit Grit’s albums are not only reliably awesome, they are picking up momentum, production quality and a heavy dose of brutal creativity along the way. Nit Grit is killing it up there with the best right now.

A great feature of this talented artist is on display in his Burning Man set, which you can download here for free: Nit Grit @ Burning Man 20010.

If you like him, which you absolutely and undoubtedly will, check out his soundcloud and pay him a listen at

To buy his album and treat yourself to any quality of audio you desire, swing over to his bandcamp page (it seems like everyone in the genre is turning to bandcamp nowadays):

Also, he is currently working on a remix of Love and Light’s “Know Us”, and the clip he posted of the track so far is absolutely amazing. The bass is insane and it is one of the best examples I have found so far of a perfect use of a pre-drop vocal sample. Check it!

“I’ve Connected!”