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Concert Review #1: Project Aspect & PantyRaid

December 3 was an absolutely sold out night at the Boulder Theater. With a venue occupancy of around 1000, the show was an absolutely packed and wild party. Project Aspect started off the night at around 9pm, playing a fantastic all-original set and starting the show off on a more downtempo melodic note. In order to get the crowd ready for the insanity that was PantyRaid’s performance, Project Aspect worked the crowed into a wild frenzy with his increasingly crunk beats and energetic melodies. It is absolutely impossible to watch Project Aspect perform without being drawn into his presence on the stage. With seemingly the slightest of effort, he pours his heart and soul into every song, and you can always read his passion in the expression on his face. Project Aspect is no opener, if you have a chance to see him perform, take it!

PantyRaid came onstage at the perfect time for their performance. Composed of the all-star duo of Ooah (from the GlitchMob) and MartyParty, PantyRaid perfectly utilized the wild and frenetic energy raging through the crowd at the end of Project Aspect’s set. The duo had an amazing dynamic and it was clear from both their on-stage interactions as well as the quality of their set that they have great artistic chemistry. At the end of an extraordinary 2+ hour set during which multiple girls had to be “escorted” off stage and ejected as a result of their attempts to reach the energetic duo, Ooah finally announced his profound love for Boulder, Colorado, and the party of epic proportions that took place at the Boulder Theater the night of December 3.

(Ooah is on the Left, MartyParty is on the right)

Be sure to check out some of the new music put out by both MartyParty and Ooah, as well as Mile High Sound Movement’s very own Project Aspect!

Newest Track By Ooah:

While You’re Away I Wait, To Crumble In Your Arms by OOAH

PantyRaid Mini Mix:




Frequent-C: Wood Grain Symphony & Upcoming Shows

(New logo courtesy of Eric Spector Designs)

December is one of those months where there are just too many good artists playing in Colorado for you to decide which ones to see. Frequent-C aka Cody Yozipovic is one of these outstanding local acts; if it comes down to picking a limited number of shows for the month, catching Cody is an absolute must!

As to his new material, Frequent-C has been working on a long-standing collaborative effort (named Slim Thugz) with his friend The Candyman. Make sure to catch these new tunes (the original as well as a remixed version by the Frequent-C and The Candyman themselves). Not only is the new track excellent, it is a perfect representation of the chilled-out, jazzy crunk feel that Frequent-C has been going for; the ideal blend of progressive melodies and beats that make you want to dance! These guys know how make fresh tracks so be sure to catch them live on December 9th at the Fox for their first live ALL ORIGINAL set!

Slim Thugs – Wood Grain Symphony:

Slim Thugz – Wood Grain Symphony (Unmastered) by Frequent-C

Also, Frequent-C is playing this Thursday in Boulder, be sure to check it out:

(Flyer Design by Berk Visual of

Hope to see you all at the show (as well as at the collab set on December 9th), Frequent-C is gonna tear it up! Come join SubSynthesis is supporting the Mile High Sound Movement, these guys are the next generation of fantastic Colorado music! Make sure to check out his Previous Feature here on SubSynthesis for more of Cody’s great music.

Frequent-C SoundCloud
Frequent-C Facebook
The CandyMan SoundCloud

Upcoming Live Events with Frequent-C:

Dec 2: The Fox w/ RPM
Dec 9: The Fox w Hood Internet **Slim Thugz live debut feat. The Candyman**
Dec 10: City Hall w/ Mochipet
Dec 30: Official STS9 After Party



Profresher aka Billy Blacklight is another highly prolific artist, this time not from Colorado but from Minnesota. His music could be classified as glitch, but is more accurately described as glitchy, downtempo, psycrunk-womp. Not that genre titles mean anything, I just hate to describe a sound as unique as Billy’s as merely “glitch”. Billy has been putting out tracks and albums like crazy, releasing “Zengurt”, his debut LP, in October, and yet another album, “Tea, Tunes, Tulips & Tantra” in November. If you enjoy the more experimental, melodic, downtempo side of bass-music, you are in for a real treat with Profresher. His style is in no way limited by this classification however, his music covers a wide array of musical variations while maintaining a characteristic sound. Get on the download folks, Billy Blacklight is one hell of a producer!

Zengurt Download

Tea, Tunes, Tulips & Tantra Download

I’d also swing by the Profresher SoundCloud and check out all of his free downloads. This guy is really starting to develop a great style and it is well worth following him!

Profresher Facebook


R/D: Forward Slash Mixtape

As I have said in my previous R/D Feature, R/D is someone who never releases anything short of brilliant. His most recent EP, Faces of God, is an absolute work of art. He has been doing his thing for over a decade, and at this point he is damn good at it. As of today, R/D has announced that a new album is in the works, and has released an epic mixtape to give us a taste of what is to come.

Forward Slash does everything that a good mixtape should. It highlights favorites by R/D, gives the listener an exclusive taste of 2 unreleased tracks from the upcoming album, and skillfully remixes old classics into a stellar new composition. The new Forward Slash 2010 Mixtape is available for free in all file-formats at the R/D BandCamp and is an absolute MUST-DOWNLOAD for those fans of the legendary R/D; get it while it’s HOT!

R/D – Forward Slash Mixtape:

R/D-Forward Slash Mixtape 2010 by R/D

“‘Forward/Slash’ – A new mix of original songs by R/D – includes the official Glitch Mob ‘Starve The Ego’ remix, ‘Popping Stars Redux’ and 2 unreleased songs from his forthcoming album.” – R/D

Track Listing
1. Face Of God (Feat. Nadine Risha)
2. Unreleased One (From upcoming Album)
3. Epochs & Aeons (Face Of God EP)
4. Multiple Lives (Face Of God EP)
5. Popping Stars Redux (From Live Set)
6. Glitch Mob – Starve The Ego (R/D’s Soul Full Remix)
7. Eastern Sun & Oscure – Third Eye High (R/D Remix)
8. Unreleased Two (From Upcoming Album)
9. Fever Ray – I’m Not Done (R/D’s Just Beginning Remix)

R/D Facebook

R/D SoundCloud

R/D BandCamp

R/D Homepage/Blog


NastyNasty – Special You

One of our most frequently featured artists, Jasper aka NastyNasty has released yet another batch of delicious tracks. In order to thank his fans for all their support contributing to the recent success of his tour, as well as the SoundCloud topping victory of his track Apologies, NastyNasty is giving away this 2 track set for free.

Special You is composed of two songs, Work Visa VIP and the Better Off Alone VIP. Both of these tracks are VIP versions of some of NastyNasty’s best early material, freshly remixed and ready to play. The new version of Work Visa is one of my favorite songs by NastyNasty so far, and Better Off Alone is definitly worth the download as well.

Realistically, everything released by NastyNasty is bound to be good. He understands the texture and quality of a bassline in a way no one else does, and his production quality is always crisp and perfect. NastyNasty is certainly one of the best, most outspoken producers on the scene today. Follow this guy on SoundCloud if you haven’t already!

“Special You” Download Link


Bil Bless

Bil Bless recently released his newest LP, The Life Mechanism 2, and it is available now on Bil’s Bandcamp for purchase/free download. He has chosen to have the album available for under the “Pay what you like” listing, which includes free. I hope that you will realize the musical genius contained within this album, and will decide to donate something to his continuing production project. However, if you aren’t yet convinced, swing by and grab the download for free (simply put in “$0”).

From everything I have heard and gathered about Bil Bless (it is hard to find out anything about him), he is a brilliant DJ/Producer/Sound Designer out of Austin Texas. He is the owner of Bless Records, and is known throughout the Electronic music community as one of the pioneers of the glitch/idm/midtempo movements. His sound-design is without comparison, and each of his tunes is recognizable as his, all the while managing to retain a strong semblance of uniqueness and individuality. Every track on the album is a different experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in any of the surrounding genres. Bil Bless is without definition, and is truly a pioneer and innovator of the sounds we all know and love.

Life Mechanism 2 Tracklist:

1. toothgut II 06:46
2. how live is live 05:33
3. saturday morning 07:00
4. exp 3 04:53
5. half a pickle 07:25
6. reject me (live) 04:35
7. toothgut I 05:05
8. music now_ 07:23
9. sore throat and gravity 05:55
10. ant sgom arching 06:10

Favorite Tracks from the Life Mechanism 2:

-Exp 3

-How Live is Live

Another free Download:

Bil Bless – Nas Says:

Nas says by Bil Bless


Beats Antique

“Growing like wildfire under the canopy of live electonica and world roots music comes a masterful merge of modern technology, live instrumentation and seductive performance, built of brass bands and glitch, string quartets and dubstep: the musical trio Beats Antique.

Since the group’s inception from the eclectic underground of San Francisco’s performance art scene, Beats Antique has been notorious for making it nearly impossible to sit still. They meld their mediums as attentively as they fuse the cultures that inspire their sound. All self produced and composed, the trio creates a unique collage: an animalistic, raw musical event that blurs the lines between the provocative, the spiritual, and the artistic, while still maintaining an allegiance to the muses of class and beauty.” – Beats Antique Bio-Page

So far in over three years of creating amazing music Beats Antique has released 3 albums and a pair of EPs. The newest Album„ Blind Threshold, just came out a few weeks ago and is available through the Beats Antique BandCamp. “Notable features of the new release include vaporous violins and Danny Elfman-esque dementia; glitchy, laser-guided harmonica provided by Blues Traveler frontman John Popper; and 2 very different vocal tracks that range between restless pop hooks and vibrant Eastern European dance loops. All wrapped into an intricate collection of heavy beats and sub bass.”

Beats Antique also just released two Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos tracks, which can be downloaded now for free!

Favorite Track off Blind Threshold:

Beats Antique – Revival:

Revival by Beats Antique


East Coast shows with BASSNECTAR

11/04/10 Richmond, VA – Hat Factory – SOLD OUT
11/05/10 Philadelphia PA – Electric Factory – SOLD OUT
11/06/10 New York City, NY – Terminal 5 – SOLD OUT


11/09/10 Victoria BC – Club 9 one 9
11/10/10 Nelson BC- Spirit Bar
11/11/10 Vancouver BC – The Biltmore Cabaret
11/12/10 Edmonton AB – The Pawn Shop
11/13/10 Calgary AB – The Republik
11/14/10 Winnipeg MB – The Pyramid Cabaret

-Beats Antique Homepage