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Frequent-C: Concert Review + Upcoming Show!!!

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Frequent-C aka Cody Yozipovic has really been establishing his vibrant new sound (As well as some Mile High Sound Movement love) around Colorado of late. With a show last Thursday with Robotic Pirate Monkeys and an upcoming show this Thursday, again at the Fox, playing alongside The Candyman as their collaborative project Slim Thugz. If you are at all able to make it to Boulder on Thursday, this is not a show to miss. Last Thursday Cody opened for Robotic Pirate Monkeys and absolutely stole the show. His stage swagger combined with sheer musicality put him far above the other acts of the night. On stage he captivates the crowd with his sheer personality as his normally calm and composed demeanor is completely dissolved by the rush of live performance. Cody is rapidly becoming a master at blending his own particular musical voice with every song or style he touches, making him highly adept at creating both Original tracks as well as top of the line remixes.

Not only is this weeks show another opportunity to see Frequent-C in his element, it is also the Debut performance of Slim Thugz. Cody and Candyman have collaborated on several songs before, and have a long-standing musical background. This show will be one for the history books, and hopefully a landmark in the Colorado 2010 music scene. Come out and support Frequent-C, a multi-talented artist, and contributing member of SubSynthesis’ cherished Mile High Sound Movement. Hope to see you all there!

Facebook Event:

More Info Slim Thugz is the new collaborative project of Boulder based producers Frequent-C & The Candyman. This is the first time they will be joining forces and fusing their unique musical styles in a live setting in which they will be performing a fully original set. With all of your love and support, together we can make this the first of many Slim Thugz shows to come. 


& The Hood Internet
For more bios, music, etc visit either of these websites..


The Candyman

(((With a very special guest appearance by ???)))

Tickets: $10

Frequent-C SoundCloud
Frequent-C Facebook

The CandyMan SoundCloud



Greg Fisk MegaPost!

Greg Fisk

With over 10 years of DJing and 2 years of Production experience, the last several years have catapulted Greg Fisk into becoming a staple innovator in the Denver/Boulder electronic music scene. Playing shows from Arizona to Tennessee, Texas to Illinois, and all throughout his home-state of Colorado, Fisk knows a thing or two about working crowds into a frenzy. His originally produced tracks explore a synth-driven experimental hip-hop style, which takes the listener on an elusive journey of sound innovation and musical mysteriousness. Blending the likes of Glitch-Hop, Electro, Whomp, Dubstep, and Crunk, Fisk has something up his sleeve for every environment, emotion, and entity his mind can conceive of. Fisk is continually pushing the limits of live music manipulation and strives to keep every live performance unique, fresh, and most importantly “Head Noddin”.

Fisk’s charisma, unique sound and high energy shows have attracted the interest of numerous artists and he is also a key member of the Denver Bass Squad, a crew of DJs and producers that is the forefront of bass-culture music in the Colorado Front Range area. Fisk also performs alongside Ben Samples (aka Samples) in their collab Fresh2Death, or otherwise known as “GirlFriend BullShit”. Look out; both Fisk and Fresh2Death are blazing their names into the Colorado music scene.

Greg Fisk Networking:
Greg Fisk SoundCloud
Greg Fisk Facebook
Greg Fisk BandCamp

Upcoming Shows:

=Dec9th=SOLO Missouri
=Dec10th=SOLO Boulder,CO
=Dec17th=San Francisco, CA
=Dec18th=Denver, CO
=Jan14th=Denver, CO
=Jan22nd=Los Angeles,CA
=Jan28th=Boulder, CO

Recent Releases:

released 05 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental groove hip-hop midtempo nod psyphy crunk Boulder

Lollipop (Fisk Remix)
released 02 December 201-
tags: bassline crunch experimental hip-hop mid-tempo psyphy slam crunk Boulder

M80 (Fisk Stormtrooper Deathmarch Edit)
released 02 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental hip-hop psyphy remix crunk Boulder

Samples – Blakka (Fisk Remix)
released 02 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental hip-hop midtempo psy-hop psyphy remix crunk Boulder


Concert Review #1: Project Aspect & PantyRaid

December 3 was an absolutely sold out night at the Boulder Theater. With a venue occupancy of around 1000, the show was an absolutely packed and wild party. Project Aspect started off the night at around 9pm, playing a fantastic all-original set and starting the show off on a more downtempo melodic note. In order to get the crowd ready for the insanity that was PantyRaid’s performance, Project Aspect worked the crowed into a wild frenzy with his increasingly crunk beats and energetic melodies. It is absolutely impossible to watch Project Aspect perform without being drawn into his presence on the stage. With seemingly the slightest of effort, he pours his heart and soul into every song, and you can always read his passion in the expression on his face. Project Aspect is no opener, if you have a chance to see him perform, take it!

PantyRaid came onstage at the perfect time for their performance. Composed of the all-star duo of Ooah (from the GlitchMob) and MartyParty, PantyRaid perfectly utilized the wild and frenetic energy raging through the crowd at the end of Project Aspect’s set. The duo had an amazing dynamic and it was clear from both their on-stage interactions as well as the quality of their set that they have great artistic chemistry. At the end of an extraordinary 2+ hour set during which multiple girls had to be “escorted” off stage and ejected as a result of their attempts to reach the energetic duo, Ooah finally announced his profound love for Boulder, Colorado, and the party of epic proportions that took place at the Boulder Theater the night of December 3.

(Ooah is on the Left, MartyParty is on the right)

Be sure to check out some of the new music put out by both MartyParty and Ooah, as well as Mile High Sound Movement’s very own Project Aspect!

Newest Track By Ooah:

While You’re Away I Wait, To Crumble In Your Arms by OOAH

PantyRaid Mini Mix:



Frequent-C: Wood Grain Symphony & Upcoming Shows

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December is one of those months where there are just too many good artists playing in Colorado for you to decide which ones to see. Frequent-C aka Cody Yozipovic is one of these outstanding local acts; if it comes down to picking a limited number of shows for the month, catching Cody is an absolute must!

As to his new material, Frequent-C has been working on a long-standing collaborative effort (named Slim Thugz) with his friend The Candyman. Make sure to catch these new tunes (the original as well as a remixed version by the Frequent-C and The Candyman themselves). Not only is the new track excellent, it is a perfect representation of the chilled-out, jazzy crunk feel that Frequent-C has been going for; the ideal blend of progressive melodies and beats that make you want to dance! These guys know how make fresh tracks so be sure to catch them live on December 9th at the Fox for their first live ALL ORIGINAL set!

Slim Thugs – Wood Grain Symphony:

Slim Thugz – Wood Grain Symphony (Unmastered) by Frequent-C

Also, Frequent-C is playing this Thursday in Boulder, be sure to check it out:

(Flyer Design by Berk Visual of

Hope to see you all at the show (as well as at the collab set on December 9th), Frequent-C is gonna tear it up! Come join SubSynthesis is supporting the Mile High Sound Movement, these guys are the next generation of fantastic Colorado music! Make sure to check out his Previous Feature here on SubSynthesis for more of Cody’s great music.

Frequent-C SoundCloud
Frequent-C Facebook
The CandyMan SoundCloud

Upcoming Live Events with Frequent-C:

Dec 2: The Fox w/ RPM
Dec 9: The Fox w Hood Internet **Slim Thugz live debut feat. The Candyman**
Dec 10: City Hall w/ Mochipet
Dec 30: Official STS9 After Party


Greg Fisk: Lunar Ocean

Returning to us today with multiple great releases is previously featured Colorado local, Greg Fisk. Fisk is half of the Colorado super-group Fresh2Death (Along with Ben Samples), and they have been touring the country tearing up the dance-floor recently. Now returned to us, Fisk has put out two new songs of a more trip-hop melodic variety. “Lunar Ocean”, as well as the Fisk Remix of “WunderKind” feature the more experimental hip-hop side of Fisk’s production. Both tracks have the standard Fisk emphasis on crunk basslines and engaging melodies, but the overall feel of the songs is far more spacey and psychadelic (Especially that of Lunar Ocean).

Greg Fisk’s sound is maturing rapidly and to top it off, he is giving out both of these new tracks for free on the Fisk SoundCloud. Download Lunar Ocean now and support this Colorado Native; I promise you will not regret it!

Fisk Facebook
Fisk Twitter


Frequent-C (Mega-Post)

(Picture by Steve Conry:

So it came to my attention that I made a critical error in my Mile High Sound Movement feature. Somehow I failed to mention new member Frequent-C aka Cody Yozipovic. This is not a slight oversight, Cody, yet another brilliant artist out of the Boulder, Colorado area, is not one to be overlooked. “As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter stemming from a broad musical background, Frequent-C’s sound is not limited to only one genre. With heavy influences in jazz, hip-hop, and dub while incorporating live guitar, keyboards, and beat production in a live and studio setting, the music that resonates is a constantly evolving collective of different musical genres that makes each live performance different from the last.” – Frequent-C SoundCloud

In order to make up for forgetting Cody in my previous update, I am going to give you all a special treat straight from Frequent-C himself. Calling his unique and versatile style “Jazzstep”, cody incorporates all the beloved elements of glitch and dub while managing to maintain a more chilled-out jazzy feel. This unique blend makes for a style of music as comfortable in the headphones doing work as it is at a party on the dancefloor. As the body of artists producing electronic music increases rapidly, those shining stars with true musical talent beyond the ability to construct a simple track finally begin to emerge. Frequent-C, like all members of the awesome Mile High Sound Movement, is one of these musical shining stars.

For a great general overview of his style, check out his “Islands” Fall Promo Mix, it features some great originals, and gives you a good idea of what inspires Frequent-C.

Frequent-C – Islands Promo Mix:

Islands Promo Mix by Frequent-C

—-Islands Alternative Download—-

As an extra special treat, I’m also going to include a full set of free downloads Frequent-C gave me. Spread the love and make sure all your friends enjoy the Jazz-Step sound of Cody Yozipovic!

Frequent-C Facebook

In no particular order (All of them are excellent and available for FREE DOWNLOAD):

Frequent-C – Perception:
by Frequent-C
—-Perception Alternative Download—-

Frequent-C – Broseidon:

Broseidon feat. The Candyman by Frequent-C
—-Broseidon Alternative Download—-

Mezmorized (Frequent-C Remix):

Wiz Khalifa – Mezmorized (Frequent-C Jazz Refix) by Frequent-C
—-Mesmorized Alternative Download

Frequent-C – Kids These Days:

Kids These Days feat. The Candyman by Frequent-C
—-Kids These Days Alternative Download—-

Also be sure to check out Frequent-C at his upcoming shows! He regularly plays in Colorado and the nearby areas, and his style is utterly conducive to a unique live performance. Don’t miss out!

Wild Turkey Thanksgiving Event:

11/20 Show in Aspen (For those of you who will be in the mountains)

And last but not least his upcoming show at the legendary Fox in Boulder:

Give Cody some love and feedback on his tracks, talented up-and-coming artists need as much support from the community as they can get!


Mile High Sound Movement

I’ve recently featured several songs by artists participating in something that epitomizes that awesome community surrounding the Bass Movement. “The Mile High Sound Movement is a Colorado based collective of artists, musicians, and friends. We are dedicated to bringing people together for special gatherings consisting of limitless possibilities. We are extremely excited to bring you a new experience at every party, as well as a long time friendship amongst all of you great people. The Movement is more than just entertainment. It is a bond, a comradery, an opportunity to obtain a greater friendship between eachother!” – Mile High Sound Movement Facebook

MHSM (Mile High Sound Movement) is run by Jay Jaramillo (Project Aspect), Ronnie Weberg (Unlimited Gravity), Wally Behnfield, and Zach Karuzas. I haven’t had the pleasure of talking with Zach yet, but both Ronnie and Jay are extremely insightful and talented artist. All of them are doing great things for the music community, and I can’t wait to see what kind of great events and music come out of this collective project.

Support these guys, listen to their music, and come to any of the events they play it. Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity (when he is in Colorado) play at City Hall on IMPACT nights pretty regularly. Tickets are always under 20 bucks, even on new years, and the line-ups are usually made up of great local talent. Come out and support the booming Colorado Bass Community!

Project Aspect:

Night By Night (Project Aspect Remix):

Chromeo – Night By Night (Project Aspect RMX) by ProJect Aspect

Unlimited Gravity:

Unlimited Gravity – My Diner:

My Diner by Unlimited Gravity

Wally Behnfield (Manager):

These guys are a big part of why Colorado is the heart of good electronic bass music right now. Show some love and support to the community!

Unlimited Gravity Feature (Includes free download of his new track Monumentalness)

Project Aspect Feature