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Ben Samples: DBS 3 Year Anniversary Set

Here he is being featured yet again, the exceptionally prolific Ben Samples. Last Friday I went to the DBS 3 year anniversary event at City Hall in Denver, and Samples, the new head of the Denver Bass Squad, played an absolutely killer set during dinner. The event started off with a Potluck during which Willy Whompa and Samples set the mood of the event. Taking a break from his usual dance-floor slayers, Samples toned down his set to create the perfect eating environment. If you want to support DBS, hear some new tracks by the Legendary Ben Samples, or simply have a set to play while chilling around the house, check out the new Samples live set!

Ben Samples DBS 3 Year Set

Ben Samples – DBS 3 Year Anniversary Set:

Samples live at the DBS 3 Year by Ben Samples

Thanks Samples for the Exclusive, and good luck on your Leadership of the Denver Bass Squad! Give this guy all the support you can!

Track List:

Also swing by the Samples SoundCloud and check out some of his newest releases, including the Samples Remix of the Justice song Stress, which is available now for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Justice- Stress (Samples Remix):

Justice – Stress (Samples Remix) by Ben Samples



Colorado New Years Eve: IMPACT Heavy-duty lineup

If you are going to be in Colorado for New Years Eve, this is where you should be. Located in Denver at 1144 Broadway, City Hall Amphitheater just announced this epic lineup for New Years. Nit Grit, NastyNasty and Freddy Todd have all already been featured on the SubSynthesis and the rest are a whole mix of great local artists. I can personally attest to both Nit Grit and NastyNasty being amazing live performers, and I have heard that Freddy Todd absolutely destroys crowds. Impact New Years is by far the best and heaviest lineup scheduled; the only exception being if you live in Fort Collins, it could definitely be worth it to check out Michal Menert instead and save yourself a drive! See you all at New Years!

More Info:

Impact NYE Event Website

-3 stages + afterhours @ 2am
-amazing lighting and visual projections
-live painters
-stage performers

Tickets available NOW

Get em while there are still some left, quickly selling out!

18+ | 21+ to Drink

1144 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Much more still to be announced!…


Freddy Todd

Freddy Todd aka The Crunk-Master himself, is a wicked Producer/DJ out of Detroit, Michigan. He didn’t earn this title for nothing, he is truly one of the hottest guys on the scene right now. With regular single releases and a 30 track double sided LP set to come out soon, things are only going to get better for Freddy. He recently played a bunch of shows with the King of Lazers, Nit Grit, and is working on a collaborative project with previously featured DJ GK called SplaTTerBox. Keep on top of this guys releases, as they are frequent and delicious.

Check out his Lick the Glitch mix for a great preview of Freddy’s tracks, as well as some exclusive SplaTTerBox content. You can download and listen to it on Freddy’s SoundCloud.

Freddy Todd – Lick The Glitch Mix:

Lick The Glitch Mix by FreddyTodd

Splatterbox (Freddy T + DJ GK) – Fre$hurThan
$amples – Drop Bombs (Freddy T Remix)
J Dilla – Two Can Win
J Dilla – Two Can Win (Freddy T Remix)
Darude – Sandstorm (Freddy T Remix)
Freddy Todd – Order Complex
Freddy Todd – Blowin Good (Mochipet Remix)
Freddy Todd – Can’t Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
Freddy Todd – p0p p0p p0p
$amples – Goose
Elfkowitz + Freddy Todd – Rage Cage
Freddy Todd – Blowin Good (ill-esha Remix)
J Dilla – Track 06 (3 Beat Tapes)
Freddy Todd – Space 5 Penthouse (NiT GriT Remix)
Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car
Freddy Todd – Can’t Fathom This (Om Unit Remix)
Freddy Todd – Ray Gun

Also, be sure to swing by Freddy’s BandCamp to check out his other free album releases. He currently has his “Illegal Summer Stache” as well as his “Hallowz Eve EP” available for free! Both albums are absolutely worth the download.

Here are some of my favorites of Freddy’s for your listening pleasure….Enjoy!

Freddy Todd – Sunblap To The Soul [Teaser]:

Sunblap to the Soul [Teaser Clip] – Neon Spectacle Operator (Out Late This Fall on Run Riot Records) by FreddyTodd

End of Flourescent (Freddy Todd Remix):

Ample Mammal (aka Polish Ambassador) – End of Fluorescent (Freddy Todd Remix) by FreddyTodd



DJ GK has been a “Musician since age 3… Producer since 14. DJ for the past 3 years.” With a unique musical background in Alto Sax, Piano, Guitar, and music production, GK will hit you with a unique blend of crunk, glitch, jazz, soul-funk, lazer madness. If that description doesn’t mean anything to you, you’ll have to listen to him to understand.

GK just released his debut EP “Little Learners” as well as a sick promotional mix to go along with it. Both the mix and the EP can be downloaded for free, and both of them have the full support of SubSynthesis. If you like Glitch, if you like crunk, or if you just like some funky dance tunes, GK is the man for you.

Not only is GK about to become a big name on the scene, he is also currently working on a collaborative project with crunk-master Freddy Todd, also out of Michigan. The name of their collaborative project is SplaTTerBox, and I would definitely keep an eye out for a release by them sometime early next year.

You can get his Little Learners Promo Mix here:

GK – Little Learners Promo Mix:

Little Learners Promo Mix by DJ GK

Track List:
1. Robotnic
2. Roastem [bonus track]
3. Bang Bang
4. Sleeping Under The Same Star
5. Midnight Elixer
6. Curtains Up
7. Shine Like Diamonds

The GK Promo Mix is one of the best mixtapes of the year, be sure not to miss out!

Also, listen to the full EP and download the entire album free in 320 format from GK’s BandCamp!

Check out GK’s SoundCloud as well for more free downloads and access to the download the hidden track off of the Little Learners EP, “Roastem’”, which you can listen to here:

GK – Roastem’:

Roastem’ by DJ GK

Seriously, GK is producing some of the best new dance music out right now. Do yourself a favor and check him out!