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+Verb: Xmas 2010 Mini-Mix (All Original)

I have to hand it to +verb, he is insanely prolific and all of his tracks are of the highest quality. +Verb tries to produce a track every day, and is one of those artists that has a library so full of unreleased tracks that he could play a set for as long as the time slot allowed. Many people would say that quality is preferable over quantity, but how can you complain when an artist is constantly putting out tracks, and each one is better than the last?

If you are a fan of +verb, or even if you haven’t heard any of his tracks yet, this +Verb Mini-Mix is one of the absolute necessities of 2010. I have been waiting for weeks for this release, and I must say that it did not disappoint in the slightest. Every track +verb produces is imbued with a part of him that makes it easily recognizable as his own, and frankly, most of his remixes end up as significantly better than the original. If you are looking for artists to follow as a prime example of someone leading and defining the movement, +verb is a perfect choice.

This MiniMix, a free gift from +verb to all of us as an early christmas present, is a perfect sample of the extroardinary work produced by this amazing artist. Many of his recent highlights are featured on the album, including Maltodextrin and his recent collaborations with Stephan Jacobs and Richard Sweat. Give it up for +Verb and check out all his new material, especially the MiniMix, it should keep you dancing long into 2011!

Xmas 2010 Mini-mix (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb

Track List:

BLIND DREAMS w/ Stephan Jacobs

Also check out some of the recently released singles used in the mix:

Wutwutwut by +verb

+verb & Richard Sweat – Next to the Subwoofers by +verb (Absolutely amazing track)

Maltodextrin by +verb

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Unlimited Gravity – Monumentalness

It is hard for me to properly explain just how amazing this next track by Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) actually is. I said yesterday that Project Aspect had defined a new sub-genre, the Glitch-Epic. If Project Aspect helped to define it, Unlimited Gravity is taking it to a whole new level with this latest release. The new track, aptly titled “Monumentalness”, is absolutely monumental in what it tries to accomplish. These two artists, partners in Colorado’s Mile High Sound Movement, are trying to break the mold of formulaic dance tracks and show what it really means to tell a story with your music.

Up until now so much of Glitch has been made exclusively for the dance floor. People want to play dance-tracks and bangers on the dance floor, so producers follow the formula for making a good banger. Mile High Sound Movement is all about breaking this mold. No one likes a storyteller because he tells the same story REALLY well, over and over into monotony. People like a storyteller because he is good at telling a story that others can relate to, no matter what that story is.

Unlimited Gravity is that storyteller. No matter what it is he is trying to express, it comes across distinctly and clearly in his brilliant composition. Give his latest track a listen and support these guys in their endeavors, they deserve all the attention we can give them!

As a special gift to you all, Ronnie wants you to enjoy this latest track on him. Swing over to the Unlimited Gravity SoundCloud now and check it out….it’s as monumental as the title suggests:

Unlimited Gravity – Monumentalness:

Monumentalness by Unlimited Gravity

Be sure to check out the other Unlimited Gravity Feature here on SubSynthesis as well!

Hope you all enjoy as much as I did!


Beats Antique

“Growing like wildfire under the canopy of live electonica and world roots music comes a masterful merge of modern technology, live instrumentation and seductive performance, built of brass bands and glitch, string quartets and dubstep: the musical trio Beats Antique.

Since the group’s inception from the eclectic underground of San Francisco’s performance art scene, Beats Antique has been notorious for making it nearly impossible to sit still. They meld their mediums as attentively as they fuse the cultures that inspire their sound. All self produced and composed, the trio creates a unique collage: an animalistic, raw musical event that blurs the lines between the provocative, the spiritual, and the artistic, while still maintaining an allegiance to the muses of class and beauty.” – Beats Antique Bio-Page

So far in over three years of creating amazing music Beats Antique has released 3 albums and a pair of EPs. The newest Album„ Blind Threshold, just came out a few weeks ago and is available through the Beats Antique BandCamp. “Notable features of the new release include vaporous violins and Danny Elfman-esque dementia; glitchy, laser-guided harmonica provided by Blues Traveler frontman John Popper; and 2 very different vocal tracks that range between restless pop hooks and vibrant Eastern European dance loops. All wrapped into an intricate collection of heavy beats and sub bass.”

Beats Antique also just released two Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos tracks, which can be downloaded now for free!

Favorite Track off Blind Threshold:

Beats Antique – Revival:

Revival by Beats Antique


East Coast shows with BASSNECTAR

11/04/10 Richmond, VA – Hat Factory – SOLD OUT
11/05/10 Philadelphia PA – Electric Factory – SOLD OUT
11/06/10 New York City, NY – Terminal 5 – SOLD OUT


11/09/10 Victoria BC – Club 9 one 9
11/10/10 Nelson BC- Spirit Bar
11/11/10 Vancouver BC – The Biltmore Cabaret
11/12/10 Edmonton AB – The Pawn Shop
11/13/10 Calgary AB – The Republik
11/14/10 Winnipeg MB – The Pyramid Cabaret

-Beats Antique Homepage


SubSynthesis Exclusive Promo Mix

Halloween Promo Mix by Ethan Baer and DJ iONik featuring a new exclusive track by DJ iONik (Ian Ker-Seymer).

Download Link is here:

SubSynthesis – 2010 SubSynthesis Promo Mix:

SubSynthesis Promo Mix 2010 by SubSynthesis

1. Ginormous Bliss (+verb Original)
2. Rain City – (Starkey Original)
3. Say My Name – (Nit Grit + NastyNasty Collaborative Original)
4. Memoirs – (Protohype)
-Pink Floyd Interlude-
5. Deliverance – (Ben Samples)
6. Wrong Trail – (iONik Original)
7. It’s My Turn – (Archnemesis Original)
8. Getting Digital – (iONik Remix)***

***Exclusive by DJ iONik.

Thanks to iONik for my first Ableton lesson, the exclusive track, and generally being an awesome artist and person. Also thanks to all the artists whose great tracks are featured. If for any reason you have any problems with me featuring this mix, please email me and I will take it down! Otherwise, ENJOY!

Ethan Baer