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Stephan Jacobs: All Original 2011 Mix

Stephan Jacobs is on a roll and is ready to slay some crowds in 2011! A regular on SubSynthesis at this point, Stephan Jacobs is absolutely at the top of the California Bass scene. On top of his game, Stephan has already prepared an All-Original mix just for you, the 2011 Blog Readers. This 100% Original Mix will be released exclusively through blogs and is being featured here before anywhere else! Enjoy this mix, and may it bring you good times throughout 2011. Get ready for the Holiday season in style and crank up the volume, Stephan Jacobs is rolling out the heavy beats.

Grab the Stephan Jacobs 100% Original 2011 Mix and then swing by the Stephan Jacobs SoundCloud to keep an eye on his new releases. The 2011 Mix is leagues ahead of the 2010 Mix, a sure sign that Stephan Jacobs knows how to keep his sound evolving and is constantly striving for musical greatness. Get ready 2011!

Stephan Jacobs – 2011 All Original Mix

2011 All Original Mix by Stephan Jacobs

2011 Mix Set List:

1. Bluetech – Leaving Babylon (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
Notorious Thugs Accapella
2. Ben Samples & Stephan Jacobs – Nano Puppy
3. Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
4. Stephan Jacobs & +Verb – Blind Dreams
5. Stephan Jacobs & Sugarpill – Level Attack feat Naada (Original Mix)
7. Stephan Jacobs & ChrisB. – Flux Capacitor (Luniz Edit)
8. Stephan Jacobs – Hyperion
9. Stephan Jacobs – Top Shelf

Previous Stephan Jacobs Feature

Stephan Jacobs Facebook

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for Stephan Jacobs and Sugarpill’s collaborative release “Level Attack” on Muti Music, it comes out on December 6th and will include various remixes by other great producers. Thanks for the Blog Release, Stephan!

Level Attack

Stephan Jacobs & Sugarpill featuring Naada – Level Attack by Muti Music



Stephan Jacobs – Under The Sheets

Stephan Jacobs released his newest track yesterday, a remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Under The Sheets”. Not only is it a killer remix of a great track, “Under The Sheets” is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at Stephan Jacob’s SoundCloud. Check it out now or risk missing out!

Under The Sheets (Stephan Jacobs Remix):

Ellie Goulding – Under the Sheets (Stephan Jacobs Remix) by Stephan Jacobs

With typically excellent use of vocal samples, a signature Stephan Jacobs drop, and the extremely high quality mastering of Sugarpill, this track was a sure formula for success from the start. Stay on top of Stephan’s updates, any day could be the release of a masterpiece!

Stephan Jacobs Facebook

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Stephan Jacobs & +verb – Blind Dreams

Stephan Jacobs – 100% Original Mix


Gladkill & Gyouro

I already featured Gladkill earlier today, but I couldn’t help throwing this mix up too. It features the talented production and DJ skills of Boris Gladkill and Gyouro with all new tracks by both artists. The mix is by no means new at this point, however it is free, excellent, and a great sample of both artists. Swing over to Gladkill’s SoundCloud and grab your copy today!

Gladkill & Gyouro – The Beginning Mix:

Gladkill & Gyouro: (This is) The Beginning by Gladkill

“New mix to start your summer off! All new Gyouro tracks, some old gladkill tracks, and some brand new gladkill choons!!” – Gladkill

Direct Download Link


1. Gyouro-Robin
2. Gladkill-Cascade
3. Gladkill-Deadbeat/M.I.M.S.
4. Gladkill-Starting Line
5. Gyouro-Beatdown/Lil Wayne
6. Gyouro-Aesop Rock: Babies with guns Remix
7. Gladkill-Sex And Cigarettes/Yin Yang Twins/M.I.M.S.
8. Gyouro-Started/T.I.
9. Gladkill-Memories/Outkast

Check out Gyouro’s SoundCloud as well for more great tracks!


SubSynthesis Exclusive Promo Mix

Halloween Promo Mix by Ethan Baer and DJ iONik featuring a new exclusive track by DJ iONik (Ian Ker-Seymer).

Download Link is here:

SubSynthesis – 2010 SubSynthesis Promo Mix:

SubSynthesis Promo Mix 2010 by SubSynthesis

1. Ginormous Bliss (+verb Original)
2. Rain City – (Starkey Original)
3. Say My Name – (Nit Grit + NastyNasty Collaborative Original)
4. Memoirs – (Protohype)
-Pink Floyd Interlude-
5. Deliverance – (Ben Samples)
6. Wrong Trail – (iONik Original)
7. It’s My Turn – (Archnemesis Original)
8. Getting Digital – (iONik Remix)***

***Exclusive by DJ iONik.

Thanks to iONik for my first Ableton lesson, the exclusive track, and generally being an awesome artist and person. Also thanks to all the artists whose great tracks are featured. If for any reason you have any problems with me featuring this mix, please email me and I will take it down! Otherwise, ENJOY!

Ethan Baer


DJ GK has been a “Musician since age 3… Producer since 14. DJ for the past 3 years.” With a unique musical background in Alto Sax, Piano, Guitar, and music production, GK will hit you with a unique blend of crunk, glitch, jazz, soul-funk, lazer madness. If that description doesn’t mean anything to you, you’ll have to listen to him to understand.

GK just released his debut EP “Little Learners” as well as a sick promotional mix to go along with it. Both the mix and the EP can be downloaded for free, and both of them have the full support of SubSynthesis. If you like Glitch, if you like crunk, or if you just like some funky dance tunes, GK is the man for you.

Not only is GK about to become a big name on the scene, he is also currently working on a collaborative project with crunk-master Freddy Todd, also out of Michigan. The name of their collaborative project is SplaTTerBox, and I would definitely keep an eye out for a release by them sometime early next year.

You can get his Little Learners Promo Mix here:

GK – Little Learners Promo Mix:

Little Learners Promo Mix by DJ GK

Track List:
1. Robotnic
2. Roastem [bonus track]
3. Bang Bang
4. Sleeping Under The Same Star
5. Midnight Elixer
6. Curtains Up
7. Shine Like Diamonds

The GK Promo Mix is one of the best mixtapes of the year, be sure not to miss out!

Also, listen to the full EP and download the entire album free in 320 format from GK’s BandCamp!

Check out GK’s SoundCloud as well for more free downloads and access to the download the hidden track off of the Little Learners EP, “Roastem’”, which you can listen to here:

GK – Roastem’:

Roastem’ by DJ GK

Seriously, GK is producing some of the best new dance music out right now. Do yourself a favor and check him out!



Laserz n Bass n Bounce
“+verb (pronounced Adverb) is the result of many long hours of work, obsessing the details of numerous styles. Taking influences from dubstep, glitch, hip-hop, urban, electro, RnB, and heavy bass, +verb melts together sounds that defy boundaries set forth by typical genres. +verb is currently the secret weapon of many live performers and has support from Starkey, Dev79, Slugabed, Mimosa, Salva, Dave Seied, ill Cosby, Stephan Jacobs, Bassobese, Sugarpill, Ana Sia, Pixelord, Demokracy, Coco Bryce, and more…” -Dominic Tetmyer (+Verb)

Not only is +Verb highly active in releasing new tracks, EP’s and mixes, he is also an extremely good connection into the underground bass movement. Follow +verb on his SoundCould and Twitter (@verbmusic), and you will quickly see the methods of a true music-digger. The most active place on my SoundCloud Dashboard….+Verbs daily favorite tracks!

Not only is +Verb an excellent source for discovering new tracks, his originals tracks are extremely complex and unique. For some of his best check out his new free track “Luv U”, as well as a “Ginormous Bliss” from his Sensual Frequencies EP.

+verb – Luv U:

Luv U (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb

+verb – Ginormous Bliss:

Ginormous Bliss (OUT OCT 11 ON CAR CRASH SET) by +verb

Car Crash Set Website

Purchase Sensual Frequencies Here

Influences include but are not limited to:
•    loved ones •    awry melodies and detuned basslines •    quirky layers of intriguing noise •    frantic glitches •    function over form •    isometry & geometry •    quality coffee •    laughter •    markers

Contact +verb

twitter: @verbmusics < most active here…

+Verb is killing it, follow him on SoundCloud and give him the attention he well deserves.


Project Aspect

With the onset of cold weather and the leaves covering the sidewalk, I have been suffering nostalgia for the relaxation and warmth of a nice summer day off. I can’t think of anything better to bring me back to my summer memories than Project Aspect’s Summer 2010 Promo Mix. Not only is it an exceptional mix for a relaxing summer day, it also has all the crucial elements for a good party playlist. A dash of hiphop, some glitch and vocal samples, some heavier drops, and a whole lot of good beats and melodies to keep the listener interested. Anyone following the Colorado/California bass movement should definitely keep an eye on Project Aspect. Expecting good things from this Denver DJ.

Tracklist for Summer 2010 Mix:

1. Pull The Pin Out (ProJect Aspect)
2. Companion Cube (ProJect Aspect)
3. Crunchy Lawn (ProJect Aspect)
4. AH-KINCHIL (ProJect Aspect)
5. SharpShooter (ProJect Aspect)
6. Atomic Monster (ProJect Aspect)
7. Would Have Been Splat -Mashup- AaliyahAcapella (ProJect Aspect)
8. A Little Long Distance (ProJect Aspect)

Other Project Aspect Tracks of Interest: Night By Night (Project Aspect Remix) – Email or Message him on his SoundCloud for a free download!
Chromeo – Night By Night (Project Aspect RMX) 320 mp3 by ProJect Aspect