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Greg Fisk MegaPost!

Greg Fisk

With over 10 years of DJing and 2 years of Production experience, the last several years have catapulted Greg Fisk into becoming a staple innovator in the Denver/Boulder electronic music scene. Playing shows from Arizona to Tennessee, Texas to Illinois, and all throughout his home-state of Colorado, Fisk knows a thing or two about working crowds into a frenzy. His originally produced tracks explore a synth-driven experimental hip-hop style, which takes the listener on an elusive journey of sound innovation and musical mysteriousness. Blending the likes of Glitch-Hop, Electro, Whomp, Dubstep, and Crunk, Fisk has something up his sleeve for every environment, emotion, and entity his mind can conceive of. Fisk is continually pushing the limits of live music manipulation and strives to keep every live performance unique, fresh, and most importantly “Head Noddin”.

Fisk’s charisma, unique sound and high energy shows have attracted the interest of numerous artists and he is also a key member of the Denver Bass Squad, a crew of DJs and producers that is the forefront of bass-culture music in the Colorado Front Range area. Fisk also performs alongside Ben Samples (aka Samples) in their collab Fresh2Death, or otherwise known as “GirlFriend BullShit”. Look out; both Fisk and Fresh2Death are blazing their names into the Colorado music scene.

Greg Fisk Networking:
Greg Fisk SoundCloud
Greg Fisk Facebook
Greg Fisk BandCamp

Upcoming Shows:

=Dec9th=SOLO Missouri
=Dec10th=SOLO Boulder,CO
=Dec17th=San Francisco, CA
=Dec18th=Denver, CO
=Jan14th=Denver, CO
=Jan22nd=Los Angeles,CA
=Jan28th=Boulder, CO

Recent Releases:

released 05 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental groove hip-hop midtempo nod psyphy crunk Boulder

Lollipop (Fisk Remix)
released 02 December 201-
tags: bassline crunch experimental hip-hop mid-tempo psyphy slam crunk Boulder

M80 (Fisk Stormtrooper Deathmarch Edit)
released 02 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental hip-hop psyphy remix crunk Boulder

Samples – Blakka (Fisk Remix)
released 02 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental hip-hop midtempo psy-hop psyphy remix crunk Boulder



Ben Samples – Dubstomp 2.0

I feel totally comfortable calling Ben Samples the most prolific artist in the industry right now. He puts out several albums a year, all of them good, and is constantly sustaining fans with new tracks from week to week. Tending towards the heavier side of the glitch movement, Samples kills it on the dance floor. His new EP, Dubstomp 2.0, is no exception. With a VIP version of an old track, as well as several great new releases, Dubstomp 2.0 is packed with bangers; mastered, packaged, and ready for the download.

Check out the Dubstomp 2.0 EP today!!!

Ben Samples – Sirens:

Sirens by Ben Samples

The album is up for free download, but Samples leaves us with the following note for those who download it:

“All the profits go directly to the artist, please donate and support me to keep music alive. This EP was made specifically to help make upgrades to my studio”.

As far as record sales go, thats about as good as it gets. If you like the EP and can afford to donate, support Ben Samples. He is keeping the movement alive and thriving with his steady releases and local support. He needs all the help we can give him!

Ben Samples Facebook

Ben Samples SoundCloud

Ben Samples Bandcamp (Shows just HOW prolific he really is!)


Floatin’ Ocean

All that is known about this mysterious artist is that he is known by the name Jabber Wockey, resides in Venice, Italy, and produces seductively delicious tracks under the name Floatin’ Ocean. He classifies his new Atlantis EP as “Floatcore”, and if you would like to try sample before the album release on November 23, Floatin’ Ocean has been so kind as to give us a Atlantas EP Promo Mixtape.

Floatin’ Ocean – Atlantis EP Mini Mix:

Atlantis EP Mini-Mix by Floatin’ Ocean
–Direct Download Link

I’ve heard rumors that the EP will contain some bonus tracks, so it is definitely worth downloading when it is officially released. Floatin’ Ocean has lots of surprises up his sleeve so stay tuned for more and enjoy the mix!

Floatin’ Ocean SoundCloud



Thriftworks aka Jake Atlas (SF) just released a free 20 track album titled “Hermetic Thriftology”. Not only is the album free, it’s an absolute must-have from the 2010 electronic/bass movement. Thriftworks‘ style is a unique blend of dubby noises, hip hop beats, and some groovy left-field vibes. The album covers a wide spectrum of style and emotion and really has something unique and beautiful to offer anyone.

In my previous feature of An-Ten-Nae, you may have already heard a sample of Thriftworks work in the Rook remix of Jakes “Get the Lectroid” on the Acid Crunk Volume 3 compilation album. Thriftworks is on the verge of something big, and you should all take this chance to participate in it!

Check out these highlights from Hermetic Thriftology and if you like them swing by his BandCamp and download the album in 320 for free!

Thriftworks – Get The Lectroid:

Get the Lectroid by Thriftworks

Thriftworks – Slow Motion:

Slow Motion by Thriftworks

Thrifworks – Evil Hermits:

Evil Hermits by Thriftworks

Thriftwork Soundcloud

Jake Atlas BandCamp

Thriftwork Track on Acid Crunk Vol 3

Curious about the name Thriftwork? “Jake rocks Logic 9, his homie’s Virus synth, borrowed monitors, an organ he found in a parking garage, a borrowed piece of shit turntable, and cables and records that he found at thriftstores or on street corners. Hence the name “Thriftworks” came about because he realized most of his gear was either borrowed or found. As he says, everything else comes used from Craigslist!” – IAMLASER Blog Feature