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Gladkill: Twilight Galaxy (Remix)

Another fantastic track by Boris Gladkill, and another wonderful custom banner stolen from the GlichDrop! I’m sure you are all still trying to relax and enjoy the rest of thanksgiving break, so while you are at it you should throw on the new Gladkill remix of Twilight Galaxy (initially by Metric). Gladkill gave this song away for free on Thanksgiving, released exclusively through one of my favorite blogs, AfroMonk. Big thanks to Gladkill, AfroMonk, and GlitchDrop for making todays update real easy for me! Enjoy the track and give your respect to Gladkill, he is absolutely one of my favorite producers right now, and should be touring a lot next year. If you enjoy his self-proclaimed “Lovestep”, this track will certainly strike a chord with you!

Twilight Galaxy  (Gladkill Remix):

Metric-Twilight Galaxy Remix by Gladkill

AfroMonk Exclusive Download Link

Also, don’t forget to swing by Gladkill’s SoundCloud and BandCamp to grab his other releases. If you like one of his songs you will like them all, Gladkill is consistent in both his quality as well as his style.



Gladkill & Gyouro

I already featured Gladkill earlier today, but I couldn’t help throwing this mix up too. It features the talented production and DJ skills of Boris Gladkill and Gyouro with all new tracks by both artists. The mix is by no means new at this point, however it is free, excellent, and a great sample of both artists. Swing over to Gladkill’s SoundCloud and grab your copy today!

Gladkill & Gyouro – The Beginning Mix:

Gladkill & Gyouro: (This is) The Beginning by Gladkill

“New mix to start your summer off! All new Gyouro tracks, some old gladkill tracks, and some brand new gladkill choons!!” – Gladkill

Direct Download Link


1. Gyouro-Robin
2. Gladkill-Cascade
3. Gladkill-Deadbeat/M.I.M.S.
4. Gladkill-Starting Line
5. Gyouro-Beatdown/Lil Wayne
6. Gyouro-Aesop Rock: Babies with guns Remix
7. Gladkill-Sex And Cigarettes/Yin Yang Twins/M.I.M.S.
8. Gyouro-Started/T.I.
9. Gladkill-Memories/Outkast

Check out Gyouro’s SoundCloud as well for more great tracks!



“Siberian born, New York raised producer and musician Boris G has been writing and performing as Gladkill since 2007. Drawing from years of musical experimenting with many genres and instruments, Gladkill combines several elements of electronic music to craft his signature sound. Gladkill can best be described as a combination of melodic IDM hip hop fused with bass-heavy rhythms reminiscent of the “Acid Crunk” and Dubstep sound. Gladkill has been seen performing with such Electronic acts as R/D, Eprom, Mux Mool, Martyparty, Mimosa, Lazer Sword, and others. “Everything inspires me. Silence is my canvas. Follow, listen, enjoy, share.”” – Boris Gladkill

In anticipation of the release of the Ghostwork Mixtape, Gladkill released a Ghostwork Promo Mix, which is absolute fire. Good on the dance floor, good for chilling. If you like it swing by and pick up the album, the quality of the downloads is so much higher and if you appreciate awesome bass coupled with beautiful melodies, Gladkill is for you. Any upcoming artist with the support of R/D is sure to be amazing, but Gladkill doesn’t need the support to prove his mettle… Yet another great producer whose musical talent speaks for itself.

Gladkill – Ghostwork Mixtape:

Ghostwork Mixtape by Gladkill


1.Gladkill-Lucky Me
2.The Glitch Mob-Drive it Like You Stole It (Gladkill Rmxx)
3.Gladkill-A Moment of Clarity
4.Gladkill-Between Dreams and Nightmares
5.Gladkill-That Girl is Trouble

My advice? Swing by Gladkill’s BandCamp and pick up the Ghostwork EP; if nothing else, give it a listen!

Check out Gladkill’s SoundCloud for some other treats as well!