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Ben Samples: DBS 3 Year Anniversary Set

Here he is being featured yet again, the exceptionally prolific Ben Samples. Last Friday I went to the DBS 3 year anniversary event at City Hall in Denver, and Samples, the new head of the Denver Bass Squad, played an absolutely killer set during dinner. The event started off with a Potluck during which Willy Whompa and Samples set the mood of the event. Taking a break from his usual dance-floor slayers, Samples toned down his set to create the perfect eating environment. If you want to support DBS, hear some new tracks by the Legendary Ben Samples, or simply have a set to play while chilling around the house, check out the new Samples live set!

Ben Samples DBS 3 Year Set

Ben Samples – DBS 3 Year Anniversary Set:

Samples live at the DBS 3 Year by Ben Samples

Thanks Samples for the Exclusive, and good luck on your Leadership of the Denver Bass Squad! Give this guy all the support you can!

Track List:

Also swing by the Samples SoundCloud and check out some of his newest releases, including the Samples Remix of the Justice song Stress, which is available now for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Justice- Stress (Samples Remix):

Justice – Stress (Samples Remix) by Ben Samples



+verb: U Nome

Once again we have a brilliant artist releasing a new track via Music Blogs in order to strengthen the Bass Music community. +Verb is absolutely one of my favorite artists right now, and the rate at which he is putting out new tracks is outstanding. Each track is different and unique from the rest, but all of them have that signature “Laserz n Bass n Bounce” sound of Adverb. Give this man some love for sharing this track with you all for free, and help him reach 2000 viewers so we can get the next free track!

Download U Nome by +Verb now!

+Verb – U Nome:

+verb – U Nome by SubSynthesis

“Laserz n Bass n Bounce
Giant robot lazer battles; tender mechanized love-making; the blinking blips and bleeps of artificial intelligence communications: these are the computerized moods that will wash over you in the most calculated of ways. +verb (pronounced “Adverb” by humans) is a new blog favorite in the genre of bass. Recently featured on Soundcloud’s “What’s Hot” list for his collaboration with Stephan Jacobs, the world is anxiously preparing for an invasion of his robotic army. And with a recent EP on Car Crash Set, a forthcoming remix of Starkey on Civil Music, a forthcoming EP on Vermin Street, a forthcoming EP on Muti, and the collab with Stephan Jacobs about to drop, it may just be time to start listening to the demands of our new robot overlords.” – +Verb

Contact +verb:

twitter: @verbmusics < most active here…
+Verb SoundCloud
+Verb MySpace
+Verb Facebook
email: < preferred method of contact

Unlimited Gravity – Monumentalness

It is hard for me to properly explain just how amazing this next track by Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) actually is. I said yesterday that Project Aspect had defined a new sub-genre, the Glitch-Epic. If Project Aspect helped to define it, Unlimited Gravity is taking it to a whole new level with this latest release. The new track, aptly titled “Monumentalness”, is absolutely monumental in what it tries to accomplish. These two artists, partners in Colorado’s Mile High Sound Movement, are trying to break the mold of formulaic dance tracks and show what it really means to tell a story with your music.

Up until now so much of Glitch has been made exclusively for the dance floor. People want to play dance-tracks and bangers on the dance floor, so producers follow the formula for making a good banger. Mile High Sound Movement is all about breaking this mold. No one likes a storyteller because he tells the same story REALLY well, over and over into monotony. People like a storyteller because he is good at telling a story that others can relate to, no matter what that story is.

Unlimited Gravity is that storyteller. No matter what it is he is trying to express, it comes across distinctly and clearly in his brilliant composition. Give his latest track a listen and support these guys in their endeavors, they deserve all the attention we can give them!

As a special gift to you all, Ronnie wants you to enjoy this latest track on him. Swing over to the Unlimited Gravity SoundCloud now and check it out….it’s as monumental as the title suggests:

Unlimited Gravity – Monumentalness:

Monumentalness by Unlimited Gravity

Be sure to check out the other Unlimited Gravity Feature here on SubSynthesis as well!

Hope you all enjoy as much as I did!


Unlimited Gravity

Unlimited Gravity AKA Ronnie Weberg is yet another one of the amazing producers coming out of Colorado. In the last month he has released an album, put out several singles, and rumors are he has been collaborating with several other big producers, including the already featured Project Aspect. Unlimited Gravity might be new, but he is definitely one of the heavy hitters on the scene now. Keep a close eye on this guy, I’m sure something big will be unveiled soon.

Check out his debut album All Day Every Day on the Unlimited Gravity BandCamp, and swing by the Unlimited Gravity SoundCloud to check out his newest releases!

Favorite Tracks off of All Day Every Day:

Unlimited Gravity – Mythical Reality:

Mythical Reality by Unlimited Gravity

Unlimited Gravity – Murnangadang:

Murnangadang – Unlimited Gravity by Unlimited Gravity

Also make sure to check out the new single Unlimited Gravity released yesterday, the Glitch-Epic “Crunkmatical”. The track is 6 full minutes of absolute fire, every second the very embodiment of what it means to be Glitch. Enjoy, and give the guy support in the coming months, you wont regret it!

Unlimited Gravity – Crunkmatical:

Crunkmatical by Unlimited Gravity


Abboriginal [Productions]


Mike Abb AKA Abboriginal is an all around good man to know on the scene. From music production and promotion, building an ever-expanding archive of great artist audio and video from shows, to working for developing midi controllers, Mike Abb is doing what he can to help the music he loves. He has literally uploaded hundreds of video clips from live shows, many of them are of your favorite bass artists. Check them out at his Youtube Channel.

Even more exciting for you as the reader, Abboriginal just put out a new Mix of his favorite dub and glitch tracks. For those of you into the scene, this guy is definitely worth looking into; for those of you who just want the music….here you go!

Abboriginal Homepage

Abboriginal Soundcloud

Abboriginal Facebook

The Tunes:

Abboriginal – Jazzy Crunk 2010 Mixtape:

Jazzy Crunk MixTape 2010 by Abboriginal

From the mouth of the man himself (Mike Abb): “Some of the jams i’ve been digging on the past few months — mixed lightly and seasoned to perfection – enjoy and share these talented producers with other friends and fans of music.”

1. Malefique – Simple Rock
2. Foner – let me heal the bruises
3.MK6MK2 – The Dawning of the Day w.Mos Def Acapella “Priority”
4. Abboriginal – Beat Butter 1 and 2
5. IONIK – Blue Balls
6. ESKMO – Comeback
7. SAMPLES – Bat Country
8. DARK PARTY – Status
9. LOVE & LIGHT – Phenomenal
10. +VERB – Why You So Gangsta
11. VibeLynx – Bang Bang remix
12. Felonious Crunk – Pac Man
13. SIREN – Stunna
14. CHARLES TREES – Mahjongg
15. MUX MOOL – Skulltaste
16. ALEX B – Hog Knuckles mux mool remix
17. Jones FoSho – Honeylemon