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Greg Fisk MegaPost!

Greg Fisk

With over 10 years of DJing and 2 years of Production experience, the last several years have catapulted Greg Fisk into becoming a staple innovator in the Denver/Boulder electronic music scene. Playing shows from Arizona to Tennessee, Texas to Illinois, and all throughout his home-state of Colorado, Fisk knows a thing or two about working crowds into a frenzy. His originally produced tracks explore a synth-driven experimental hip-hop style, which takes the listener on an elusive journey of sound innovation and musical mysteriousness. Blending the likes of Glitch-Hop, Electro, Whomp, Dubstep, and Crunk, Fisk has something up his sleeve for every environment, emotion, and entity his mind can conceive of. Fisk is continually pushing the limits of live music manipulation and strives to keep every live performance unique, fresh, and most importantly “Head Noddin”.

Fisk’s charisma, unique sound and high energy shows have attracted the interest of numerous artists and he is also a key member of the Denver Bass Squad, a crew of DJs and producers that is the forefront of bass-culture music in the Colorado Front Range area. Fisk also performs alongside Ben Samples (aka Samples) in their collab Fresh2Death, or otherwise known as “GirlFriend BullShit”. Look out; both Fisk and Fresh2Death are blazing their names into the Colorado music scene.

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Upcoming Shows:

=Dec9th=SOLO Missouri
=Dec10th=SOLO Boulder,CO
=Dec17th=San Francisco, CA
=Dec18th=Denver, CO
=Jan14th=Denver, CO
=Jan22nd=Los Angeles,CA
=Jan28th=Boulder, CO

Recent Releases:

released 05 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental groove hip-hop midtempo nod psyphy crunk Boulder

Lollipop (Fisk Remix)
released 02 December 201-
tags: bassline crunch experimental hip-hop mid-tempo psyphy slam crunk Boulder

M80 (Fisk Stormtrooper Deathmarch Edit)
released 02 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental hip-hop psyphy remix crunk Boulder

Samples – Blakka (Fisk Remix)
released 02 December 2010
tags: bassline experimental hip-hop midtempo psy-hop psyphy remix crunk Boulder



Greg Fisk

So last week I featured Colorado’s own Ben Samples. Samples also belongs to the two-part boulder crew Fresh2Death featuring Samples and DJ/Producer Greg Fisk. If you liked Samples, you should absolutely check out Fisk as well. They are both powerful artists in their own right, and together they are something else completely.

Check out Fisk’s SoundCloud to preview his tracks, and for a great overview of his DJ skills download his Mix for free: “Fisk-Lustin’ Mix”: Recorded Live @ Mohawk for MusicForChanges.Com.
Lustin’ Mix by *Fisk*

Track Listing:

1. Fisk – Ray-gae Gun
2. Andrew Luck vs Dosadi -Pumping Quarterz (Mochipet Remix)(Fisk’s $,Money Refix)
3. Mimosa – Pandora
4. Fisk – InterStellar Mafia (Reddy Refix)
5. InIt- TradeLow (Fisk’s AsShaker Refix)
6. Fisk – $pace Dolla$
7. Fisk – GFBSF2D (Stunnin’ Refix)
8. David Starfire ft. OOAH – Waffler
9. Fisk – Heart Dropper (GirlFriendBS Refix)
10. Jay Wikid – Outta Space Remix
11. Fisk – M-80 (StormTrooper DeathMarch Refix)
12. Tipper – Snot Rocket (Fisk’s Schlew Refix)
13. William Breakspear vs SixAM – Vowel Mouthed (Fisk’s Stanky Refix)
14. Excision, Datsik – Swagga
15. Giant – Drumstick
16. MartParty – XXInfinity
17. Samples – Hide and Seek Remix

Coincidentally, the mix was released April 24, 2010. April 24th was my 21st birthday, so if nothing else, give it a chance for sentiments sake, you wont regret it!