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GruntWorthy: Volume 1

“GruntWorthy is a forthcoming Future Bass label, started by Carly-D, & Dr.Knobz,out of the Bay Area concentrating on all forms of bass music, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop, Breaks, and 4X4 Wobble. Their monthly event, GruntWorthy 3rd Wednesdays at Blake’s in Berkeley started June 2010 and has been going strong with featuring dj/producers such as Stephan Jacobs, bensamples, NastyNasty, NiT GriT, Minnesota, and ChrisB..” – GruntWorthy SoundCloud

Everything I have heard from the artists that regularly participate in GruntWorthy events serves as a perfect example of what the label is trying to accomplish; great beats telling exciting stories with a keen attention to precision, production, and the finest details. Keep an eye on all of these excellent producers.

GruntWorthy: Volume One features original and collaborative tracks by Stephan Jacobs & +verb, sugarpill, Minnesota, Dr.Knobz and Carly-D with Doug Surreal; their debut attempt is an overall great album with a powerful selection of artists!

In the near future GruntWorthy will also be working with HiDef, Energy Alchemist, Builder, datgirllive, Erin Jale, ChrisB., Minnesota, Carly-D, Dr.Knobz, SUBADDICTION, CLAY, Bodie, DU3 & many more.

Here are some of my favorite tracks from GruntWorthy: Volume One

Stephan Jacobs & +Verb: Blind Dreams

Stephan Jacobs & +Verb – Blind Dreams by GruntWorthy

Sugarpill – Shine On:

Sugarpill – Shine On
by GruntWorthy

Minnesota – Space Mountain:

Minnesota – Space Mountain by GruntWorthy

Pick up these great releases and several more by purchasing the GruntWorthy: Volume 1 Album @ Beatport

GruntWorthy SoundCloud
GruntWorthy HomePage

GruntWorthy Twitter
AIM: gruntworthymusic




Psymbionic is the Dubstep / Glitch / Psychedelic project of John Burcham, also known as Arcturian Expedition (Downtempo), hailing from Austin, TX. Influenced by the likes of Heyoka, Ooah, Vibesquad, Bassnectar, ill.gates, Mimosa, and many more, his new moniker has been steadily gaining attention and speed since it’s start in the Summer of 2009, encompassing patrons of out of state shows and festivals with glitched out beats and psychedelic, whompy bass-lines.

This mixtape, his second exclusive release mix for the BwompBeats Music Blog is a juicy mix that is “1/3 purple crunk lovestep, 1/3 glitch hop, and 1/3 dubstep by our own Psymbionic. What starts off slow and sexy soon drops you into a heavy boomer of a mix that will make you swoon and/or grab your nuts. John has been honing his style and styling his sounds since coming onboard and has definitely dialed in a good one so far. The mix has a lot of primo stuff from a lot of upcoming producers, so check this one out.” – Bwomp Beats

The mix is composed of a stellar selection of the last month of releases by all the names that matter in bass movement (glitch/dub/crunk) as well as more than a handful of exclusive unreleased tracks. Included in these exclusives is “Melting You”, an unreleased track by NastyNasty that is featured in his Lazer Soul mix as well. Download this mix ASAP, you’re in for a real treat; Psymbionic knows what sounds good, and better yet he knows how to make a good mix!

Download the Bwomp Beats Psymbionic Mixtape!

Bwomp Beats Mixtape 002:

Bwomp Beats Mixtape 002: Psymbionic by Psymbionic

Gladkill – Lucky Me vs. KnowSleep – ElectroDub
Sub Swara – Nectar (feat. Kendra Foster)
Mimosa – Silver Lining
Eskmo – Starships
Sugarpill – Tehslidebass [Unreleased]
+verb – Empty Hearted
ONE4ALL – Disclosure [Unreleased]
NastyNasty-Melting You [Unreleased]
Starkey – Rain City
Salva – Blue
Ronald Jenkees – Stay Crunchy (Wolf-e-Wolf Remix) [Unreleased] vs. NastyNasty – No Names
Metranohm – Stegosaurus [Unreleased]
Richard Sweat – Flying Taxi [Unreleased]
Stephan Jacobs & +verb – Blind Dreams [Unreleased]
Black Sabbath – Change (Siren Remix) [Unreleased]
Love and Light & Stephan Jacobs – Sound a da Bass (feat. Naada)
Subvert – Speaker Humpin’ (Knight Riderz Remix) vs. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
Subvert – Speaker Humpin’ (Opiuo Remix) vs. Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (Kraddy Remix)
Heyoka – Incendia
Vibesquad & Ill.Gates – The Fire Man vs. Ill.Gates – Irma Vep (feat. Masia One)
Love and Light – Squish City
The Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It (Psymbionic Remix) [Unreleased]
The Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It (Callan Maart Remix) vs. Bassnectar – Leprechauns Arise (feat. Sunru Skywalker)
Nosia and Spor – Falling Through vs. Bassnectar – The 808 Track
Ben Samples – Georgia House of Mirrors [Unreleased – Forthcoming on Made in Glitch]
Amp Live – Hot Right Now (Bassnectar Remix)
Sharps – Bad Sister (Drumstep vs. Dubstep Mashup)
Ben Samples – Drop Bombs (Psymbionic Remix) [Unreleased – Forthcoming on Daly City Records]
NastyNasty – Out Here [Unreleased]
Builder and DU3 – Spiritual Machines [Unreleased]
Rob Sparx & John Maveric – Widescreen Snipa (Propa Tingz Remix)
SPL – Stick’Em
Nit Grit – The Fourth Dimension vs. edIT – Crunk de Gaulle
Laid Back – Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)
Flux Pavillion – Lines in Wax (feat. Foreign Beggars)
Skism – Rave Review
Mindelixir – Dubfunk (Psymbionic Remix) [Unreleased – Forthcoming on Abstract Logic Recordings]
Pink Floyd – Brain Damage (Omega Remix)

Look out for other upcoming remixes by Psymbionic for Ben Samples (Daly City Records) and Mindelixer (Abstract Logic Recordings). Tour dates can be found at

Follow Psymbionic on:
Twitter: @Psymbionic

For Free Tunes Visit the Psymbionic BandCamp


Colorado New Years Eve: IMPACT Heavy-duty lineup

If you are going to be in Colorado for New Years Eve, this is where you should be. Located in Denver at 1144 Broadway, City Hall Amphitheater just announced this epic lineup for New Years. Nit Grit, NastyNasty and Freddy Todd have all already been featured on the SubSynthesis and the rest are a whole mix of great local artists. I can personally attest to both Nit Grit and NastyNasty being amazing live performers, and I have heard that Freddy Todd absolutely destroys crowds. Impact New Years is by far the best and heaviest lineup scheduled; the only exception being if you live in Fort Collins, it could definitely be worth it to check out Michal Menert instead and save yourself a drive! See you all at New Years!

More Info:

Impact NYE Event Website

-3 stages + afterhours @ 2am
-amazing lighting and visual projections
-live painters
-stage performers

Tickets available NOW

Get em while there are still some left, quickly selling out!

18+ | 21+ to Drink

1144 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Much more still to be announced!…


Nit Grit – This Old Heart

Danny Beall aka Nit Grit, King of SoundCloud, Lord of Lazers, has finally seen fit to release another track into the multitudes. However, in order to combat his writers block, Danny has decided to try something new and exciting. Not only is he breaking away from his typical sound, he is breaking away from he typical method of release by which artists expose their songs. Jasper aka NastyNasty recently released a commentary to the public in which he emphasized the importance of Blogs as the primary form of introducing electronic music to the masses. Nit Grit is pioneering a scheme in which his new track is released exclusively through the Blogs he supports in order to draw attention to the community surrounding his music. We should all give Danny credit for being one of the most down-to-earth, honest artists on the scene right now. You can be sure when listening to any of his tracks, particularly this new one, that Danny is pouring his heart and soul into every synth, every melody, every beat, every measure.

I can’t really think of how to explain this track other than to say that it would be right at home on NastyNasty’s Lazer Soul mix. It has the signature NiT Grit lasers and beautifully orchestrated melodies, but their is a new emotive dimension that Danny has been progressively approaching. The era of the dance-hit is ending, and the dawn of musical honesty in the electronic genre is finally being born. Show Danny some love and grab his newest track, it is an absolute killer.

Nit Grit – This Old Heart:

NiT GriT – This Old Heart by SubSynthesis

Alternative Download Link!!

Also, Danny is going to be posting a list of all the blogs he pre-released the track to. Make sure to visit the Nit Grit Facebook and bookmark all these amazing blogs. They really are the path to musical nirvana!

Nit Grit Facebook (Check it out for Information on the Blog release!)


SubSynthesis Exclusive Promo Mix

Halloween Promo Mix by Ethan Baer and DJ iONik featuring a new exclusive track by DJ iONik (Ian Ker-Seymer).

Download Link is here:

SubSynthesis – 2010 SubSynthesis Promo Mix:

SubSynthesis Promo Mix 2010 by SubSynthesis

1. Ginormous Bliss (+verb Original)
2. Rain City – (Starkey Original)
3. Say My Name – (Nit Grit + NastyNasty Collaborative Original)
4. Memoirs – (Protohype)
-Pink Floyd Interlude-
5. Deliverance – (Ben Samples)
6. Wrong Trail – (iONik Original)
7. It’s My Turn – (Archnemesis Original)
8. Getting Digital – (iONik Remix)***

***Exclusive by DJ iONik.

Thanks to iONik for my first Ableton lesson, the exclusive track, and generally being an awesome artist and person. Also thanks to all the artists whose great tracks are featured. If for any reason you have any problems with me featuring this mix, please email me and I will take it down! Otherwise, ENJOY!

Ethan Baer

Nit Grit – "Know Us" Remix

Nit Grit finally released the full version of his remix of Love and Light’s “Know Us”, featuring Jillian Ann. I know I already posted a link to the clip, but it is really worth checking out the full version. Every track by Nit Grit seems to be better than the one before it.

Love and Light – “Know Us” (Featuring Jillian Ann) – Nit Grit REMIX

WARNING: YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO SOUNDCLOUD for this link to work. It is free to make a soundcloud account, and if you are visiting this site, I am assuming already that you care enough about the music scene to take 2 minutes to make an account. 75%+ of the artists I will post on here utilize SoundCloud, so you might as well make an account now.

To check out more material by the vocal artist check her out here: Jillian Ann.

To visit Love and Light and listen to the original track visit their respective soundcloud: Love and Light

Remember, before you freak out and claim the link doesnt work….MAKE a soundcloud account!

Really awesome interpretation of Nit Grit’s “The Awakening” by VJ Deloscinari. Check it!