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Concert Review #1: Project Aspect & PantyRaid

December 3 was an absolutely sold out night at the Boulder Theater. With a venue occupancy of around 1000, the show was an absolutely packed and wild party. Project Aspect started off the night at around 9pm, playing a fantastic all-original set and starting the show off on a more downtempo melodic note. In order to get the crowd ready for the insanity that was PantyRaid’s performance, Project Aspect worked the crowed into a wild frenzy with his increasingly crunk beats and energetic melodies. It is absolutely impossible to watch Project Aspect perform without being drawn into his presence on the stage. With seemingly the slightest of effort, he pours his heart and soul into every song, and you can always read his passion in the expression on his face. Project Aspect is no opener, if you have a chance to see him perform, take it!

PantyRaid came onstage at the perfect time for their performance. Composed of the all-star duo of Ooah (from the GlitchMob) and MartyParty, PantyRaid perfectly utilized the wild and frenetic energy raging through the crowd at the end of Project Aspect’s set. The duo had an amazing dynamic and it was clear from both their on-stage interactions as well as the quality of their set that they have great artistic chemistry. At the end of an extraordinary 2+ hour set during which multiple girls had to be “escorted” off stage and ejected as a result of their attempts to reach the energetic duo, Ooah finally announced his profound love for Boulder, Colorado, and the party of epic proportions that took place at the Boulder Theater the night of December 3.

(Ooah is on the Left, MartyParty is on the right)

Be sure to check out some of the new music put out by both MartyParty and Ooah, as well as Mile High Sound Movement’s very own Project Aspect!

Newest Track By Ooah:

While You’re Away I Wait, To Crumble In Your Arms by OOAH

PantyRaid Mini Mix:





Profresher aka Billy Blacklight is another highly prolific artist, this time not from Colorado but from Minnesota. His music could be classified as glitch, but is more accurately described as glitchy, downtempo, psycrunk-womp. Not that genre titles mean anything, I just hate to describe a sound as unique as Billy’s as merely “glitch”. Billy has been putting out tracks and albums like crazy, releasing “Zengurt”, his debut LP, in October, and yet another album, “Tea, Tunes, Tulips & Tantra” in November. If you enjoy the more experimental, melodic, downtempo side of bass-music, you are in for a real treat with Profresher. His style is in no way limited by this classification however, his music covers a wide array of musical variations while maintaining a characteristic sound. Get on the download folks, Billy Blacklight is one hell of a producer!

Zengurt Download

Tea, Tunes, Tulips & Tantra Download

I’d also swing by the Profresher SoundCloud and check out all of his free downloads. This guy is really starting to develop a great style and it is well worth following him!

Profresher Facebook


Mile High Sound Movement

I’ve recently featured several songs by artists participating in something that epitomizes that awesome community surrounding the Bass Movement. “The Mile High Sound Movement is a Colorado based collective of artists, musicians, and friends. We are dedicated to bringing people together for special gatherings consisting of limitless possibilities. We are extremely excited to bring you a new experience at every party, as well as a long time friendship amongst all of you great people. The Movement is more than just entertainment. It is a bond, a comradery, an opportunity to obtain a greater friendship between eachother!” – Mile High Sound Movement Facebook

MHSM (Mile High Sound Movement) is run by Jay Jaramillo (Project Aspect), Ronnie Weberg (Unlimited Gravity), Wally Behnfield, and Zach Karuzas. I haven’t had the pleasure of talking with Zach yet, but both Ronnie and Jay are extremely insightful and talented artist. All of them are doing great things for the music community, and I can’t wait to see what kind of great events and music come out of this collective project.

Support these guys, listen to their music, and come to any of the events they play it. Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity (when he is in Colorado) play at City Hall on IMPACT nights pretty regularly. Tickets are always under 20 bucks, even on new years, and the line-ups are usually made up of great local talent. Come out and support the booming Colorado Bass Community!

Project Aspect:

Night By Night (Project Aspect Remix):

Chromeo – Night By Night (Project Aspect RMX) by ProJect Aspect

Unlimited Gravity:

Unlimited Gravity – My Diner:

My Diner by Unlimited Gravity

Wally Behnfield (Manager):

These guys are a big part of why Colorado is the heart of good electronic bass music right now. Show some love and support to the community!

Unlimited Gravity Feature (Includes free download of his new track Monumentalness)

Project Aspect Feature


Nit Grit

The King of the Lazer Bass, Nit Grit is one of the few artists in the “dubstep” genre consistently releasing chart-topping songs across the internet. His unique blend of haunting melodies, heavenly synths, and soul-crushing bass makes his style extraordinarily unique and recognizable.

Most of Nit Grit’s mixes rate in as my top listened tracks on my ipod, and Nit Grit’s albums are not only reliably awesome, they are picking up momentum, production quality and a heavy dose of brutal creativity along the way. Nit Grit is killing it up there with the best right now.

A great feature of this talented artist is on display in his Burning Man set, which you can download here for free: Nit Grit @ Burning Man 20010.

If you like him, which you absolutely and undoubtedly will, check out his soundcloud and pay him a listen at

To buy his album and treat yourself to any quality of audio you desire, swing over to his bandcamp page (it seems like everyone in the genre is turning to bandcamp nowadays):

Also, he is currently working on a remix of Love and Light’s “Know Us”, and the clip he posted of the track so far is absolutely amazing. The bass is insane and it is one of the best examples I have found so far of a perfect use of a pre-drop vocal sample. Check it!

“I’ve Connected!”