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Invisible Allies (KilloWatts + Bluetech)

Invisible Allies is a collaboration between well-known West Coast downtempo aficionado Bluetech and Philadelphia electronic mastermind KiloWatts.  Both established with numerous releases and projects spanning various genres, the Invisible Allies collaboration is a meeting between two distinct and imaginative minds, each with acute musical sensibilities and signature aesthetics.

Exploring futuristic spacefunk, textural ambient, odd time signatures, complex harmonic developments, detailed digitalia and a sublime sense of the exotic, the first Invisible Allies EP “Hyperdimensional Animals” gives a first look into what promises to be an exciting and evolving conversation between two singular and eccentric producers.” – Invisible Allies

After listening to the EP, I can say for sure that it is not an album to miss. I frequently remark on my belief that the future of electronic music is in collaboration, and this album is a perfect example. A beautiful melding of the two unique styles yields an entirely different form of music new and as yet unheard of. “The EP features five tracks from Invisible Allies and five remixes from Bil Bless, The Great Mundane, Aligning Minds, Mr. Projectile, and Erothyme.  The EP can be purchased at, as well as on iTunes and all major online retailers.  Invisible Allies is set to hit the road for a huge US tour in February 2011 featuring a custom built, live A/V set.”

Check out the album at the Invisible Allies Bandcamp (streaming for free); if it suits your taste I highly recommend buying it to support both their individual careers as well as their collaborative effort. Hyperdimensional Animals takes great strides in eliminating the genre boundaries between lush melodic downtempo and intricate, organically evolving beats. I hope you all enjoy it nearly as much as I have!



1. Ghost Bridge 09:42

2. Harmonic Tectonics 08:05

3. Turquoise Rain Chant 06:24

4. Techniculus Funkularus 06:24

5. Mulberry Windows 05:10

6. Ghost Bridge (Mr Projectile Remix) 05:21

7. Harmonic Tectonics (The Great Mundane Remix) 05:26

8. Turquoise Rain Chant (Erothyme Remix) 05:13

9. Techniculus Funkularus (Bil Bless Remix) 05:08

10. Mulberry Windows (Aligning Minds Remix) 03:39

Invisible Allies will be setting out on a large 20 date tour in February to support this album.

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Bil Bless

Bil Bless recently released his newest LP, The Life Mechanism 2, and it is available now on Bil’s Bandcamp for purchase/free download. He has chosen to have the album available for under the “Pay what you like” listing, which includes free. I hope that you will realize the musical genius contained within this album, and will decide to donate something to his continuing production project. However, if you aren’t yet convinced, swing by and grab the download for free (simply put in “$0”).

From everything I have heard and gathered about Bil Bless (it is hard to find out anything about him), he is a brilliant DJ/Producer/Sound Designer out of Austin Texas. He is the owner of Bless Records, and is known throughout the Electronic music community as one of the pioneers of the glitch/idm/midtempo movements. His sound-design is without comparison, and each of his tunes is recognizable as his, all the while managing to retain a strong semblance of uniqueness and individuality. Every track on the album is a different experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in any of the surrounding genres. Bil Bless is without definition, and is truly a pioneer and innovator of the sounds we all know and love.

Life Mechanism 2 Tracklist:

1. toothgut II 06:46
2. how live is live 05:33
3. saturday morning 07:00
4. exp 3 04:53
5. half a pickle 07:25
6. reject me (live) 04:35
7. toothgut I 05:05
8. music now_ 07:23
9. sore throat and gravity 05:55
10. ant sgom arching 06:10

Favorite Tracks from the Life Mechanism 2:

-Exp 3

-How Live is Live

Another free Download:

Bil Bless – Nas Says:

Nas says by Bil Bless