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SubSynthesis Exclusive Promo Mix

Halloween Promo Mix by Ethan Baer and DJ iONik featuring a new exclusive track by DJ iONik (Ian Ker-Seymer).

Download Link is here:

SubSynthesis – 2010 SubSynthesis Promo Mix:

SubSynthesis Promo Mix 2010 by SubSynthesis

1. Ginormous Bliss (+verb Original)
2. Rain City – (Starkey Original)
3. Say My Name – (Nit Grit + NastyNasty Collaborative Original)
4. Memoirs – (Protohype)
-Pink Floyd Interlude-
5. Deliverance – (Ben Samples)
6. Wrong Trail – (iONik Original)
7. It’s My Turn – (Archnemesis Original)
8. Getting Digital – (iONik Remix)***

***Exclusive by DJ iONik.

Thanks to iONik for my first Ableton lesson, the exclusive track, and generally being an awesome artist and person. Also thanks to all the artists whose great tracks are featured. If for any reason you have any problems with me featuring this mix, please email me and I will take it down! Otherwise, ENJOY!

Ethan Baer


Abboriginal [Productions]


Mike Abb AKA Abboriginal is an all around good man to know on the scene. From music production and promotion, building an ever-expanding archive of great artist audio and video from shows, to working for developing midi controllers, Mike Abb is doing what he can to help the music he loves. He has literally uploaded hundreds of video clips from live shows, many of them are of your favorite bass artists. Check them out at his Youtube Channel.

Even more exciting for you as the reader, Abboriginal just put out a new Mix of his favorite dub and glitch tracks. For those of you into the scene, this guy is definitely worth looking into; for those of you who just want the music….here you go!

Abboriginal Homepage

Abboriginal Soundcloud

Abboriginal Facebook

The Tunes:

Abboriginal – Jazzy Crunk 2010 Mixtape:

Jazzy Crunk MixTape 2010 by Abboriginal

From the mouth of the man himself (Mike Abb): “Some of the jams i’ve been digging on the past few months — mixed lightly and seasoned to perfection – enjoy and share these talented producers with other friends and fans of music.”

1. Malefique – Simple Rock
2. Foner – let me heal the bruises
3.MK6MK2 – The Dawning of the Day w.Mos Def Acapella “Priority”
4. Abboriginal – Beat Butter 1 and 2
5. IONIK – Blue Balls
6. ESKMO – Comeback
7. SAMPLES – Bat Country
8. DARK PARTY – Status
9. LOVE & LIGHT – Phenomenal
10. +VERB – Why You So Gangsta
11. VibeLynx – Bang Bang remix
12. Felonious Crunk – Pac Man
13. SIREN – Stunna
14. CHARLES TREES – Mahjongg
15. MUX MOOL – Skulltaste
16. ALEX B – Hog Knuckles mux mool remix
17. Jones FoSho – Honeylemon


Greg Fisk

So last week I featured Colorado’s own Ben Samples. Samples also belongs to the two-part boulder crew Fresh2Death featuring Samples and DJ/Producer Greg Fisk. If you liked Samples, you should absolutely check out Fisk as well. They are both powerful artists in their own right, and together they are something else completely.

Check out Fisk’s SoundCloud to preview his tracks, and for a great overview of his DJ skills download his Mix for free: “Fisk-Lustin’ Mix”: Recorded Live @ Mohawk for MusicForChanges.Com.
Lustin’ Mix by *Fisk*

Track Listing:

1. Fisk – Ray-gae Gun
2. Andrew Luck vs Dosadi -Pumping Quarterz (Mochipet Remix)(Fisk’s $,Money Refix)
3. Mimosa – Pandora
4. Fisk – InterStellar Mafia (Reddy Refix)
5. InIt- TradeLow (Fisk’s AsShaker Refix)
6. Fisk – $pace Dolla$
7. Fisk – GFBSF2D (Stunnin’ Refix)
8. David Starfire ft. OOAH – Waffler
9. Fisk – Heart Dropper (GirlFriendBS Refix)
10. Jay Wikid – Outta Space Remix
11. Fisk – M-80 (StormTrooper DeathMarch Refix)
12. Tipper – Snot Rocket (Fisk’s Schlew Refix)
13. William Breakspear vs SixAM – Vowel Mouthed (Fisk’s Stanky Refix)
14. Excision, Datsik – Swagga
15. Giant – Drumstick
16. MartParty – XXInfinity
17. Samples – Hide and Seek Remix

Coincidentally, the mix was released April 24, 2010. April 24th was my 21st birthday, so if nothing else, give it a chance for sentiments sake, you wont regret it!