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+Verb: Xmas 2010 Mini-Mix (All Original)

I have to hand it to +verb, he is insanely prolific and all of his tracks are of the highest quality. +Verb tries to produce a track every day, and is one of those artists that has a library so full of unreleased tracks that he could play a set for as long as the time slot allowed. Many people would say that quality is preferable over quantity, but how can you complain when an artist is constantly putting out tracks, and each one is better than the last?

If you are a fan of +verb, or even if you haven’t heard any of his tracks yet, this +Verb Mini-Mix is one of the absolute necessities of 2010. I have been waiting for weeks for this release, and I must say that it did not disappoint in the slightest. Every track +verb produces is imbued with a part of him that makes it easily recognizable as his own, and frankly, most of his remixes end up as significantly better than the original. If you are looking for artists to follow as a prime example of someone leading and defining the movement, +verb is a perfect choice.

This MiniMix, a free gift from +verb to all of us as an early christmas present, is a perfect sample of the extroardinary work produced by this amazing artist. Many of his recent highlights are featured on the album, including Maltodextrin and his recent collaborations with Stephan Jacobs and Richard Sweat. Give it up for +Verb and check out all his new material, especially the MiniMix, it should keep you dancing long into 2011!

Xmas 2010 Mini-mix (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb

Track List:

BLIND DREAMS w/ Stephan Jacobs

Also check out some of the recently released singles used in the mix:

Wutwutwut by +verb

+verb & Richard Sweat – Next to the Subwoofers by +verb (Absolutely amazing track)

Maltodextrin by +verb

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+verb: U Nome

Once again we have a brilliant artist releasing a new track via Music Blogs in order to strengthen the Bass Music community. +Verb is absolutely one of my favorite artists right now, and the rate at which he is putting out new tracks is outstanding. Each track is different and unique from the rest, but all of them have that signature “Laserz n Bass n Bounce” sound of Adverb. Give this man some love for sharing this track with you all for free, and help him reach 2000 viewers so we can get the next free track!

Download U Nome by +Verb now!

+Verb – U Nome:

+verb – U Nome by SubSynthesis

“Laserz n Bass n Bounce
Giant robot lazer battles; tender mechanized love-making; the blinking blips and bleeps of artificial intelligence communications: these are the computerized moods that will wash over you in the most calculated of ways. +verb (pronounced “Adverb” by humans) is a new blog favorite in the genre of bass. Recently featured on Soundcloud’s “What’s Hot” list for his collaboration with Stephan Jacobs, the world is anxiously preparing for an invasion of his robotic army. And with a recent EP on Car Crash Set, a forthcoming remix of Starkey on Civil Music, a forthcoming EP on Vermin Street, a forthcoming EP on Muti, and the collab with Stephan Jacobs about to drop, it may just be time to start listening to the demands of our new robot overlords.” – +Verb

Contact +verb:

twitter: @verbmusics < most active here…
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+Verb Facebook
email: < preferred method of contact