Sovereign-Sect: Fourtunate

“Hailing from the frozen Tundra of Fargo, Sovereign-Sect has taken the reins and pioneered one of the most underrated, vibrant live electronic scenes in the midwest. The Sect has played alongside such acts as Marty Party, Mimosa, Ana Sia, Kraddy, Two Fresh, Pnuma Trio, Signal Path, EOTO, SPECTRE, OTT, Nasty Nasty, Mochipet, Eprom, Eskmo, Lynx and Janover, Beats Antique, Propa Tingz, Unlimited Gravity, Fresh2Death and Vibesquad, and have become a staple for bass music lovers from hundreds of miles away. With the recent addition of two new members to the previous producer/drummer combo, Sovereign Sect is delving into new realms of live production and improvised digital controllerism – tactfully fusing live performance aspects of traditional bands with the dance-friendly, musical-riot-enducing elements hip-hop, and bass culture music. Sovereign Sect is a sonic phenomenon not to be missed” – Sovereign-Sect SoundCloud

I first heard about Sovereign-Sect from Unlimited Gravity who told me I should look into them for any future Colorado events. After communicating with them briefly and getting in touch with their friend Jeff Hild, I am completely convinced that Sovereign-Sect is going to be one of the big names in 2011.  Everyone reading this should swing by the Sovereign-Sect BandCamp and download their Free Debut EP, “Fourtunate”. The album has a wide variety of music on it, all of it excellent and perfect for getting a party started. Absolutely anyone, ranging from the private listener to the festival promoter, should have their eyes on Sovereign-Sect, this is an extremely talented group of artists with a rich musical background who are bringing a whole hell of a lot to the table. Don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself!

Sovereign-Sect – Pushin’ Rhymes:

Sovereign-Sect – Nickle & Dime:

Sovereign-Sect – Bucketgrinder:

Sovereign-Sect has been a staple in the electronic music scene for several years and has progressed through an array of musical stages to reach where they are now. What started as a funky jam-based band is now a party-raging electronic act embracing a  multitude of music elements and themes from the electronic world. The bands current formation consists of 4 members…. Chris Patano, Alex Schaleben, and Lucas Petz (All Producers) with Seth Holden on Drums.

The current manifestation of Sovereign-Sect started when Alex Schaleben and Lucas Petz decided to join forces with the other two of Sovereign Sect. Alex used to play percussion with the original five piece and Lucas was a new addition to the team. All of the members grew up in West Fargo, ND and are deeply embedded in the local music scene. The very first gig together with all four of the current members was at the Bella Vida Festival where they were recieved with wild cries and dancing crowds. The merge had a dramatic impact on the overall sound of the group and definitely gave it the more hyphy lazer-bass sound that you hear in some of the newer tracks like Big Ballin, Pushin Rhymes, and DMT Data. From there on out, the parties became wilder, the crowds got bigger, and Sovereign-Sect slowly started focusing on making a HUGE impact on the local electronic scene.

After only six months of working together they have already gained critical acclaim and have played with an exceptionally talented lineup of artists including Lynx and Janover, Fresh2Death, Mochipet, NastyNasty, Unlimited Gravity, Signal Path, Propatingz, and many more. If Sovereign-Sect plays a show, it is absolutely guaranteed that they will have the crowd going wild by the end of their set. No matter what slot Sovereign-Sect plays, they will depart with everyone thinking they were the headliner!

Check out some cool videos of their progression as a musical entity, featuring all stages of the bands evolution:

Sovereign-Sect Pre-Reformation (Jam/Funk)

Sovereign-Sect Mid-Reformation (Chris Patano and Seth Holden, summer 2009)

Sovereign-Sect Post-Reformation (At the Bella Vida Music Festival mentioned above)

…and of course, at one of Sovereign-Sects’ favorite spots to rage, Sovereign-Sect opening for Mochipet in 2010: they absolutely slay the crowd at this show!

Sovereign-Sect Myspace

Sovereign-Sect Facebook
Sovereign-Sect SoundCloud

(Big ups to Jeff Hild for all the information and for turning me on to the phenomenon that is Sovereign-Sect!) Join Jeff in supporting the artists you love and who work hard to be heard!


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