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Ben Samples – Dubstomp 2.0

I feel totally comfortable calling Ben Samples the most prolific artist in the industry right now. He puts out several albums a year, all of them good, and is constantly sustaining fans with new tracks from week to week. Tending towards the heavier side of the glitch movement, Samples kills it on the dance floor. His new EP, Dubstomp 2.0, is no exception. With a VIP version of an old track, as well as several great new releases, Dubstomp 2.0 is packed with bangers; mastered, packaged, and ready for the download.

Check out the Dubstomp 2.0 EP today!!!

Ben Samples – Sirens:

Sirens by Ben Samples

The album is up for free download, but Samples leaves us with the following note for those who download it:

“All the profits go directly to the artist, please donate and support me to keep music alive. This EP was made specifically to help make upgrades to my studio”.

As far as record sales go, thats about as good as it gets. If you like the EP and can afford to donate, support Ben Samples. He is keeping the movement alive and thriving with his steady releases and local support. He needs all the help we can give him!

Ben Samples Facebook

Ben Samples SoundCloud

Ben Samples Bandcamp (Shows just HOW prolific he really is!)