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Thriftworks aka Jake Atlas (SF) just released a free 20 track album titled “Hermetic Thriftology”. Not only is the album free, it’s an absolute must-have from the 2010 electronic/bass movement. Thriftworks‘ style is a unique blend of dubby noises, hip hop beats, and some groovy left-field vibes. The album covers a wide spectrum of style and emotion and really has something unique and beautiful to offer anyone.

In my previous feature of An-Ten-Nae, you may have already heard a sample of Thriftworks work in the Rook remix of Jakes “Get the Lectroid” on the Acid Crunk Volume 3 compilation album. Thriftworks is on the verge of something big, and you should all take this chance to participate in it!

Check out these highlights from Hermetic Thriftology and if you like them swing by his BandCamp and download the album in 320 for free!

Thriftworks – Get The Lectroid:

Get the Lectroid by Thriftworks

Thriftworks – Slow Motion:

Slow Motion by Thriftworks

Thrifworks – Evil Hermits:

Evil Hermits by Thriftworks

Thriftwork Soundcloud

Jake Atlas BandCamp

Thriftwork Track on Acid Crunk Vol 3

Curious about the name Thriftwork? “Jake rocks Logic 9, his homie’s Virus synth, borrowed monitors, an organ he found in a parking garage, a borrowed piece of shit turntable, and cables and records that he found at thriftstores or on street corners. Hence the name “Thriftworks” came about because he realized most of his gear was either borrowed or found. As he says, everything else comes used from Craigslist!” – IAMLASER Blog Feature