Greg Fisk: Lunar Ocean

Returning to us today with multiple great releases is previously featured Colorado local, Greg Fisk. Fisk is half of the Colorado super-group Fresh2Death (Along with Ben Samples), and they have been touring the country tearing up the dance-floor recently. Now returned to us, Fisk has put out two new songs of a more trip-hop melodic variety. “Lunar Ocean”, as well as the Fisk Remix of “WunderKind” feature the more experimental hip-hop side of Fisk’s production. Both tracks have the standard Fisk emphasis on crunk basslines and engaging melodies, but the overall feel of the songs is far more spacey and psychadelic (Especially that of Lunar Ocean).

Greg Fisk’s sound is maturing rapidly and to top it off, he is giving out both of these new tracks for free on the Fisk SoundCloud. Download Lunar Ocean now and support this Colorado Native; I promise you will not regret it!

Fisk Facebook
Fisk Twitter



GruntWorthy: Volume 1

“GruntWorthy is a forthcoming Future Bass label, started by Carly-D, & Dr.Knobz,out of the Bay Area concentrating on all forms of bass music, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop, Breaks, and 4X4 Wobble. Their monthly event, GruntWorthy 3rd Wednesdays at Blake’s in Berkeley started June 2010 and has been going strong with featuring dj/producers such as Stephan Jacobs, bensamples, NastyNasty, NiT GriT, Minnesota, and ChrisB..” – GruntWorthy SoundCloud

Everything I have heard from the artists that regularly participate in GruntWorthy events serves as a perfect example of what the label is trying to accomplish; great beats telling exciting stories with a keen attention to precision, production, and the finest details. Keep an eye on all of these excellent producers.

GruntWorthy: Volume One features original and collaborative tracks by Stephan Jacobs & +verb, sugarpill, Minnesota, Dr.Knobz and Carly-D with Doug Surreal; their debut attempt is an overall great album with a powerful selection of artists!

In the near future GruntWorthy will also be working with HiDef, Energy Alchemist, Builder, datgirllive, Erin Jale, ChrisB., Minnesota, Carly-D, Dr.Knobz, SUBADDICTION, CLAY, Bodie, DU3 & many more.

Here are some of my favorite tracks from GruntWorthy: Volume One

Stephan Jacobs & +Verb: Blind Dreams

Stephan Jacobs & +Verb – Blind Dreams by GruntWorthy

Sugarpill – Shine On:

Sugarpill – Shine On
by GruntWorthy

Minnesota – Space Mountain:

Minnesota – Space Mountain by GruntWorthy

Pick up these great releases and several more by purchasing the GruntWorthy: Volume 1 Album @ Beatport

GruntWorthy SoundCloud
GruntWorthy HomePage

GruntWorthy Twitter
AIM: gruntworthymusic


Gladkill: Twilight Galaxy (Remix)

Another fantastic track by Boris Gladkill, and another wonderful custom banner stolen from the GlichDrop! I’m sure you are all still trying to relax and enjoy the rest of thanksgiving break, so while you are at it you should throw on the new Gladkill remix of Twilight Galaxy (initially by Metric). Gladkill gave this song away for free on Thanksgiving, released exclusively through one of my favorite blogs, AfroMonk. Big thanks to Gladkill, AfroMonk, and GlitchDrop for making todays update real easy for me! Enjoy the track and give your respect to Gladkill, he is absolutely one of my favorite producers right now, and should be touring a lot next year. If you enjoy his self-proclaimed “Lovestep”, this track will certainly strike a chord with you!

Twilight Galaxy  (Gladkill Remix):

Metric-Twilight Galaxy Remix by Gladkill

AfroMonk Exclusive Download Link

Also, don’t forget to swing by Gladkill’s SoundCloud and BandCamp to grab his other releases. If you like one of his songs you will like them all, Gladkill is consistent in both his quality as well as his style.


Floatin’ Ocean: Atlantis EP!

The EP release is finally here, and this multi-featured artists has a secret to share with you all. The previously featured artists, Floatin’ Ocean, as will as Profresher and Billy Blacklight, are all in fact one multi-talented artist. Reluctant to constrain his creativity to one sound, Billy is constantly at working on his ever-expanding collection of side projects. Some might say that this strategy distracts you from your primary goal, but for Billy, his goal is to produce a wide variety of intricately nuanced and unique material. He has certainly far surpassed his goal so far!

Give the new Atlantis EP a listen at the Billy Blacklight BandCamp.

Here is a copy of the Title Track, Atlantis, to sample before downloading the EP, trust me, the album is well worth the $1!

Floatin’ Ocean – Atlantis:

Atlantis by Floatin Ocean

Also of interest, Billy Blacklight has officially started a Kickstart Project in order to raise money for equipment for his upcoming tour. Check out the Billy Blacklight Kickstart Page to help support this artist. He has already raised $109 and needs to reach $500 by the beginning of January in order to reach his sponsorship goal. If you want to see this guy live, help him out by donating to his Kickstart or buying his album; a little bit goes a long way! To all those music lovers looking for an opportunity to give back after all those free downloads, this is the way to do it!

Check out all his Material on his various SoundClouds; sorry the secret is out Billy, but it will be for your own good!

Floatin’ Ocean SoundCloud

Profresher SoundCloud

Billy Blacklight SoundCloud

And last but not least, his experimental side-project:

Luvstick SoundCloud

Luvstick – Pineapple Tree (Branch):

Pineapple Tree (branch)
by Luvstick


Unlimited Gravity: Glitch-Hip Anonymous

That’s right, Unlimited Gravity AND Project Aspect are playing in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Aggie Theatre the day after thanksgiving….and its FREE! Yep, I said it, free show featuring both shining stars of the Mile High Sound Movement. If you are going to be in town for Thanksgiving, you might as well make it out to this show and extend your festivities!

Even better news, Unlimited Gravity just released his next track on the Unlimited Gravity SoundCloud titled “Glitch-Hop Anonymous”. Yet another wonderful story by Ronnie Weberg expressed through this all original hyphy-glitch-hop adventure. From the glitziest arpeggios to the dirtiest wobble breaks, Unlimited Gravity knows how to keep you loving every second of it. Check out the track while its hot and grab it when its released on his next EP!

If you aren’t sure if you want to go to the show, check out this video and consider the issue again!


Ben Samples: DBS 3 Year Anniversary Set

Here he is being featured yet again, the exceptionally prolific Ben Samples. Last Friday I went to the DBS 3 year anniversary event at City Hall in Denver, and Samples, the new head of the Denver Bass Squad, played an absolutely killer set during dinner. The event started off with a Potluck during which Willy Whompa and Samples set the mood of the event. Taking a break from his usual dance-floor slayers, Samples toned down his set to create the perfect eating environment. If you want to support DBS, hear some new tracks by the Legendary Ben Samples, or simply have a set to play while chilling around the house, check out the new Samples live set!

Ben Samples DBS 3 Year Set

Ben Samples – DBS 3 Year Anniversary Set:

Samples live at the DBS 3 Year by Ben Samples

Thanks Samples for the Exclusive, and good luck on your Leadership of the Denver Bass Squad! Give this guy all the support you can!

Track List:

Also swing by the Samples SoundCloud and check out some of his newest releases, including the Samples Remix of the Justice song Stress, which is available now for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Justice- Stress (Samples Remix):

Justice – Stress (Samples Remix) by Ben Samples



Profresher aka Billy Blacklight is another highly prolific artist, this time not from Colorado but from Minnesota. His music could be classified as glitch, but is more accurately described as glitchy, downtempo, psycrunk-womp. Not that genre titles mean anything, I just hate to describe a sound as unique as Billy’s as merely “glitch”. Billy has been putting out tracks and albums like crazy, releasing “Zengurt”, his debut LP, in October, and yet another album, “Tea, Tunes, Tulips & Tantra” in November. If you enjoy the more experimental, melodic, downtempo side of bass-music, you are in for a real treat with Profresher. His style is in no way limited by this classification however, his music covers a wide array of musical variations while maintaining a characteristic sound. Get on the download folks, Billy Blacklight is one hell of a producer!

Zengurt Download

Tea, Tunes, Tulips & Tantra Download

I’d also swing by the Profresher SoundCloud and check out all of his free downloads. This guy is really starting to develop a great style and it is well worth following him!

Profresher Facebook