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Sovereign-Sect: Fourtunate

“Hailing from the frozen Tundra of Fargo, Sovereign-Sect has taken the reins and pioneered one of the most underrated, vibrant live electronic scenes in the midwest. The Sect has played alongside such acts as Marty Party, Mimosa, Ana Sia, Kraddy, Two Fresh, Pnuma Trio, Signal Path, EOTO, SPECTRE, OTT, Nasty Nasty, Mochipet, Eprom, Eskmo, Lynx and Janover, Beats Antique, Propa Tingz, Unlimited Gravity, Fresh2Death and Vibesquad, and have become a staple for bass music lovers from hundreds of miles away. With the recent addition of two new members to the previous producer/drummer combo, Sovereign Sect is delving into new realms of live production and improvised digital controllerism – tactfully fusing live performance aspects of traditional bands with the dance-friendly, musical-riot-enducing elements hip-hop, and bass culture music. Sovereign Sect is a sonic phenomenon not to be missed” – Sovereign-Sect SoundCloud

I first heard about Sovereign-Sect from Unlimited Gravity who told me I should look into them for any future Colorado events. After communicating with them briefly and getting in touch with their friend Jeff Hild, I am completely convinced that Sovereign-Sect is going to be one of the big names in 2011.  Everyone reading this should swing by the Sovereign-Sect BandCamp and download their Free Debut EP, “Fourtunate”. The album has a wide variety of music on it, all of it excellent and perfect for getting a party started. Absolutely anyone, ranging from the private listener to the festival promoter, should have their eyes on Sovereign-Sect, this is an extremely talented group of artists with a rich musical background who are bringing a whole hell of a lot to the table. Don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself!

Sovereign-Sect – Pushin’ Rhymes:

Sovereign-Sect – Nickle & Dime:

Sovereign-Sect – Bucketgrinder:

Sovereign-Sect has been a staple in the electronic music scene for several years and has progressed through an array of musical stages to reach where they are now. What started as a funky jam-based band is now a party-raging electronic act embracing a  multitude of music elements and themes from the electronic world. The bands current formation consists of 4 members…. Chris Patano, Alex Schaleben, and Lucas Petz (All Producers) with Seth Holden on Drums.

The current manifestation of Sovereign-Sect started when Alex Schaleben and Lucas Petz decided to join forces with the other two of Sovereign Sect. Alex used to play percussion with the original five piece and Lucas was a new addition to the team. All of the members grew up in West Fargo, ND and are deeply embedded in the local music scene. The very first gig together with all four of the current members was at the Bella Vida Festival where they were recieved with wild cries and dancing crowds. The merge had a dramatic impact on the overall sound of the group and definitely gave it the more hyphy lazer-bass sound that you hear in some of the newer tracks like Big Ballin, Pushin Rhymes, and DMT Data. From there on out, the parties became wilder, the crowds got bigger, and Sovereign-Sect slowly started focusing on making a HUGE impact on the local electronic scene.

After only six months of working together they have already gained critical acclaim and have played with an exceptionally talented lineup of artists including Lynx and Janover, Fresh2Death, Mochipet, NastyNasty, Unlimited Gravity, Signal Path, Propatingz, and many more. If Sovereign-Sect plays a show, it is absolutely guaranteed that they will have the crowd going wild by the end of their set. No matter what slot Sovereign-Sect plays, they will depart with everyone thinking they were the headliner!

Check out some cool videos of their progression as a musical entity, featuring all stages of the bands evolution:

Sovereign-Sect Pre-Reformation (Jam/Funk)

Sovereign-Sect Mid-Reformation (Chris Patano and Seth Holden, summer 2009)

Sovereign-Sect Post-Reformation (At the Bella Vida Music Festival mentioned above)

…and of course, at one of Sovereign-Sects’ favorite spots to rage, Sovereign-Sect opening for Mochipet in 2010: they absolutely slay the crowd at this show!

Sovereign-Sect Myspace

Sovereign-Sect Facebook
Sovereign-Sect SoundCloud

(Big ups to Jeff Hild for all the information and for turning me on to the phenomenon that is Sovereign-Sect!) Join Jeff in supporting the artists you love and who work hard to be heard!



AfroMonk: What it is to be a DJ

One of the foremost examples I know of someone who has dedicated their life to supporting and strengthening the music community is AfroMonk aka John-Michael. He is a blogger (listed in my Sources of Inspiration), a DJ, a promoter, and an all around supporter for many of the artists in the industry. He has recently undertaken a great many projects within the community, including a weekly column for the magazine/website The Untz (also listed in Sources of Inspiration). His first article, entitled What is is the be a DJ: The Philosophy, seems particularly apt and well phrased, so I thought I would share it with you all. Enjoy, and be sure to check out this guys blog as well as catching him if he happens to play live in your area. Keep an eye on his blog as well as his future releases.

AfroMonk Writes:

“It’s 2010 and in a few weeks we’ll be entering 2011. Music in today’s world is accessible anywhere with technology. The idea of you even getting to this page right now is quite incredible. Technology is everywhere and allows us to do so much in the world, including music and things that make music even more definable. Right now I’m jamming out to a random track posted on Facebook; it’s a group of musicians many of you probably know, recorded live in 1996. Now that things like this are completely available to us if we so desire, what do we do with it? Some of us choose to just build and collect music that we hear on the radio (how does it still exist?), put it on our various forms of mp3 player, or have it randomly on our computer because of some friend.  Considering the amount of music that is possible to find via the internet, friends, internet radio, etc…some of us chose to take it to another level and share it with you in a group environment.  We are called DJs.

I’ve heard people joke around lately about the whole concept of a DJ being a glorified jukebox.  In a way they are right, I’ll admit it. The difference is we are actually going out and finding the music and playing it for you. Could your iTunes shuffle do the same thing and play exactly what you like? Yeah, well Yes. The difference is how boring is that really? Nothing new, the same artist shuffled in together (yeah you know shuffle sucks), and ultimately no story being told. A story? What? Yeah, that’s right. When you ultimately pick your own playlist and tracks depending on your mood, you’re essentially playing a small piece of your life with music that allows you to just listen as you go. That’s how it is for me at least. I can’t allow music to just be there if I don’t want it to be there. It’s gotten to that point.

The other day I was driving and randomly was reminded about that dreadful day as child, Show and Tell. It came to me because it’s sort of what being a DJ is, but with music. You go out and collect pieces of music that you feel connected to, and share them with everyone. At first I was just listening to music, but then it consumed me. The life of a DJ can get so complex and deep that it’s changed my life forever. It can be a simple hobby that you take up and do on your free time at home, or it can become something that takes you all around the world. It truly is that remarkable.

The life of a DJ who devotes their time to music is much more complex than most people think. It’s ultimately the job of the DJ to listen to obscene amounts of music you normally wouldn’t be subjected to, unless you absolutely love music. There are many of you who I think feel that way about music because let’s be honest, how did you even get to this and then take the time to read this.  The main difference is that a DJ’s job is to select and find music they are going to share with the world. Some would say being a DJ is just about hitting play. They are wrong. The true payoff is being able to go through all the music, and find what you are looking for, to tell the story about a certain time of your life. There is so much music out there that you can use to create a story and share a piece of you. The journey is about finding the music that makes you feel good. The true art is sharing a piece of yourself with the world.

Being a DJ can become a lifestyle. Two years ago my life became quite different. I finally bought some gear and start playing music. We all have an epiphany at some point where we say we want to do something new, since life has changed. I took up DJing. It became obvious that it wasn’t normal how much music I listened to, and how much I searched for it.
This is the first installment of a weekly column I’ve been given on The UNTZ. This is Part One of What it is to be a DJ.  I plan on writing more about this subject, and felt this would be the best way to introduce myself and tell you a bit of what I do, why I do it, and how I do it. I’ll be touching upon my take of many different things going on in the music community and several other topics in regards to music.”

Maybe at some point I will start a column of my own, but for now, John-Michael has explained the situation ever so well. Its not so easy being a DJ!


Abboriginal [Productions]


Mike Abb AKA Abboriginal is an all around good man to know on the scene. From music production and promotion, building an ever-expanding archive of great artist audio and video from shows, to working for developing midi controllers, Mike Abb is doing what he can to help the music he loves. He has literally uploaded hundreds of video clips from live shows, many of them are of your favorite bass artists. Check them out at his Youtube Channel.

Even more exciting for you as the reader, Abboriginal just put out a new Mix of his favorite dub and glitch tracks. For those of you into the scene, this guy is definitely worth looking into; for those of you who just want the music….here you go!

Abboriginal Homepage

Abboriginal Soundcloud

Abboriginal Facebook

The Tunes:

Abboriginal – Jazzy Crunk 2010 Mixtape:

Jazzy Crunk MixTape 2010 by Abboriginal

From the mouth of the man himself (Mike Abb): “Some of the jams i’ve been digging on the past few months — mixed lightly and seasoned to perfection – enjoy and share these talented producers with other friends and fans of music.”

1. Malefique – Simple Rock
2. Foner – let me heal the bruises
3.MK6MK2 – The Dawning of the Day w.Mos Def Acapella “Priority”
4. Abboriginal – Beat Butter 1 and 2
5. IONIK – Blue Balls
6. ESKMO – Comeback
7. SAMPLES – Bat Country
8. DARK PARTY – Status
9. LOVE & LIGHT – Phenomenal
10. +VERB – Why You So Gangsta
11. VibeLynx – Bang Bang remix
12. Felonious Crunk – Pac Man
13. SIREN – Stunna
14. CHARLES TREES – Mahjongg
15. MUX MOOL – Skulltaste
16. ALEX B – Hog Knuckles mux mool remix
17. Jones FoSho – Honeylemon