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Starkey: Space Traitor Volume 1

Starkey is Philadelphia’s foremost dubstep, grime and bass artist. His unique take on these sounds has spread around the world and has proved to be a massive hit wherever he tours. His work is always progressive, dynamic, and pushing the limits of sound technology; he has even trademarked his own unique ‘Street Bass’ sound along with a handful of other artists (think Hudson Mohawke and Rustie). His debut album for Planet Mu, “Ephemeral Exhibits“, was extremely well-received and the follow up “Ear Drums and Black Holes“, released earlier this year, was even more successful. Starkey is the co-owner of Slit Jockey Records and a member of the Seclusiasis crew. Despite his record affiliation however, he is best known for his productions full to the brim with futuristic crunk, hip-hop and elements of UK-centric grime and dubstep.

Starkey’s latest release, “ Space Traitor EP Vol.1“, is a 12 track album (13 including the NastyNasty remix) jam-packed full of exciting space-beat adventures. With a wonderful array of originals by Starkey accompanied by a killer lineup of remixes by extremely talented producers, you really can’t go wrong with Space Traitor. Check out some of the tracks included in the post and if you enjoy the album I highly recommend swinging over to Addictech and grabbing the full release. +Verb, a regular on SubSynthesis, has an absolutely gorgeous, melodic downtempo version of Starkey’s “Paradise” on this EP that is a total necessity for any true lover of his music.

Space Traitor EP Vol.1:

Artist: Starkey
Remixes by: Eygptrixx, ARP101, Ital Tek, +Verb, Rudi Zygadlo, Kaiser and Vocals from Anneka.
Release: Space Traitor EP Vol.1
Label: Civil Music
Duration: 49:27
Genre: Dubstep
Tags: Vocal • IDM • Heavy • Glitchy • Glitch Hop • Electro • Dubstep/Grime • Dope
Released: 2010-12-06

1. Robot Hands
2. Playing With Fire
3. Holodeck
4. Paradise (Ft. Anneka)
5. Lenses
6. Robot Hands (Egyptrixx Remix)
7. Robot Hands (Kaiser Remix)
8. Paradise (Rudi Zygadlo Remix)
9. Paradise (ARP101 Remix)
10. Paradise (+Verb Remix)
11. Playing With Fire (Ital Tek)
12. Starkbot Beats: Space Traitor Volume 1 (Narration by Halfcast and Starkey)

Space Traitor Volume 1 Preview:

Favorite Track:

Starkey – Paradise (+Verb Remix):

Interview with Starkey:
Credit to Laizi of Data Transmissions for the interview with Starkey:

So, give us a bit of an idea of how you first got involved with making electronic music?
I was interested in electronic music or more experimental production from a pretty early age, but I really only started making my own electronic music when I went to college for music production.  I got a PC and installed Acid version 1. I had a Korg N1 that I had running through the audio input on the back of the PC – no real sound card, just ran the audio out to the bookshelf speakers that came with my PC. My early tracks pretty much sounded like trip-hop meets Mogwai…I guess it’s not too far off from some of the stuff I’m writing still to this day.

I’m guessing that being from Philly hip-hop and RnB have played their part in sculpting your sound?
Yeah definitely.  I went through a period where I really didn’t listen to much hip-hop and RnB though; I was really into indie rock and hardcore punk rock and all that. At the same time I was playing jazz and studying classical music as well, so my mind was elsewhere.  But now I probably listen to more hip-hop than anything else.

There does seem to be a kind of sci-Fi theme running throughout your work and the space age sounds you create. Has the fascination always been with you?
When I was growing up I was all about Star Wars, so yeah. I think I’ve always been interested in science-fiction. My parents own the oldest drive-in movie theatre in the world, so I’ve always been around movies. The idea of looking at the possibilities of the future and technology has always interested me, so I gravitated towards those kinds of films. I’m also into a lot of concert electronic music and the experimental tape music from the 20th Century, and a lot of that material has a sci-fi theme running throughout it. People who are drawn to experimentation, I think, are also the type to think about what the future holds for technology, life, politics, basically what the world may look like in the distant and not-so-distant future.

The new release, Space Traitor Volume One, is a pretty hefty package – were the 12 or so tracks planned from the start or did it grow naturally?
This music was definitely written with the intention of putting together these 2 releases, but I wasn’t quite sure which tracks would make each release. I’m actually still working on Volume 2, so we’ve yet to decide on a tracklist. I think when you’re determining which tracks to put on a release, you have to think about which ones work well together.  From the start, we all agreed that Robot Hands was going to be on the first volume, then we built the EP around that tune. Lenses is the only track that was around when I was compiling Ear Drums and Black Holes, everything else was written after I finished up that album. Lenses was one of those tracks that we thought about putting on the last album, but it ended up getting cut.  I always liked the track, and it got a pretty good response when I finished one studio mix last year with it…so we figured, why not, let’s put it on the Space Traitor series.  The way it’s turning out, Volume 2 will most likely be a bit more epic and “song” oriented than Volume 1, which I feel has a bit more immediacy to the writing. <ore “beats” than songs.  But then again, Paradise with Anneka is on there, so I’m probably just making this up in my head.  Haha.

With 6 remixes, from the likes of Kaiser, Egyptrixx, ARP101 and more, were these a group of artists you hand in mind from the start?
Yeah.  When I choose remixers for my projects, I choose people whose music I enjoy, and I like to play out.  Egyptrixx has remixed for a project on my label, Seclusiasis in the past… and Kaiser is an artist on my Slit Jockey label, so there’s definitely a lot of connections with my releases. Rudi Zygadlo also released an album on Planet Mu last year, and I did a remix for his Resealable Friendship single, so it’s always a family affair with the releases I do.

This is the second time we’ve seen you work with Anneka. How did you guys get involved with one another?
Well I met Anneka when I was staying with my friend, Ital Tek, in Brighton. But we didn’t start working together for probably a year or so after that. When I was working on Ear Drums and Black Holes, I was having a discussion with Mike Paradinas about vocalists to work with and her name came up.  I heard the track she had done for Vex’d, and immediately was interested in working with her.  She’s got a really special voice and writes some great lyrics.  I’m a huge fan of hers.

Any other artists you’ve got in mind for future collaborations?
Well I just produced a track for Eligh’s new album Grey Crow called Suffocate. And we’ve been talking about doing a few tunes next year together. There’s a bunch of other things in the works right now as well, but nothing concrete that I can actually tell you about at this time.  I love working with other artists and producers, so it’s definitely something I see myself doing more and more.  I’ve actually been in the studio in London this past year writing with Guy Sigsworth. We’ve been collaborating on a few things together which are really exciting. We found that we have really similar tastes in music and I think when we’re sitting down to write together, there’s a different type of creativity that takes shape. I had always been used to working alone, so you’re kind of thrown out of your comfort zone at first.  But once you get past that, it can be really exciting. I’m also collaborating with producer Aaron Levinson in Philly on a new artist project that’s more in his spectrum of experience, Latin music…so that should be really interesting.

Any current producers/artists you’re particularly rating at the moment?
There are so many, but I’ll just give you a shortlist. I know I’m probably forgetting people in here, but here we go.  First off, obviously everyone on the Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey record labels… Kastle, DNAEBEATS, Stagga, Halp, Sduk, Kaiser, Mestizo, BD1982 and of course Dev79 who I run Seclusiasis with.  OK here’s a quick rundown… Eprom, Slugabed, J-Sweet, Badness, Kozzie, Lex Luger, Tinie Tempah, Distal, Scratcha DVA, AC & Dell, Taz, Terror Danjah, Teddy, Ghetts, Kanye West, TRC… the list goes on and on.

Your tracks have always been well received here in the UK – any favourite spots to play out?
In the UK…I have a lot of fun in Bristol usually.  I have a lot of friends there and the parties are almost always pretty lively.  Last time I played Fabric I was in Room 1, and that was a lot of fun as well.

Do find any difference in terms of what’s well received over here compared to the US?
When I play hip-hop in the US it goes over a bit better in general, because in the US, hip-hop is the “dance” music.  That’s the only thing I really notice, but then again, most people who know my stuff, know to expect that in my sets.

Your label, Seclusiasis, has been putting out some great stuff, by the likes of BD1982 and Kastle – how’s that going and what’s coming out in the future?
We’ve got a lot of great things planned for 2011, including some new material from Kastle, some new Street Bass Anthems stuff…it’s really exciting.  On Slit Jockey we’re dropping Sduk’s debut album as well as a ridiculous release from Stagga amongst other things.

So, what’s Starkey got in store for us in the coming months?
Hopefully some exciting stuff.  Haha.  I’m really happy with what’s been coming out of the studio.  In the immediate future there’s of course Space Traitor Volume 2 as well as a 12” for No Hats No Hoods that I’m finishing up.

And lastly, where can we find you playing in the near future?
I’m doing US dates for the rest of year… Miami, NYC, Philly, etc.  But I’ll be back in the UK and Europe hopefully early next year.

Starkey SoundCloud
Starkey MySpace
Starkey Homepage


Mile High Christmas!!!!

(Flyer Courtesy Cloud-D)

I saw Project Aspect play City Hall IMPACT night last night with Salva, Ben Samples, Drop Logik, and Willy Whompa. Everyone who played was fantastic, but Project Aspect aka Jay Jaramillo absolutely stole the show. His all-original set had the emotion and intensity of live instrumentation and the energy and hype of a veteran professional. Do NOT miss out on a chance to see Project Aspect and his Mile High Sound Movement collaborators tear it up on Christmas Night. If you are going to be in Denver for Christmas, this is the PLACE TO BE! The lineup is huge, including headliner Love and Light, as well as the Mile High Sound Movement lineup and some great local talent.

See you all there!

Event Page















Mile High Sound Movement

I’ve recently featured several songs by artists participating in something that epitomizes that awesome community surrounding the Bass Movement. “The Mile High Sound Movement is a Colorado based collective of artists, musicians, and friends. We are dedicated to bringing people together for special gatherings consisting of limitless possibilities. We are extremely excited to bring you a new experience at every party, as well as a long time friendship amongst all of you great people. The Movement is more than just entertainment. It is a bond, a comradery, an opportunity to obtain a greater friendship between eachother!” – Mile High Sound Movement Facebook

MHSM (Mile High Sound Movement) is run by Jay Jaramillo (Project Aspect), Ronnie Weberg (Unlimited Gravity), Wally Behnfield, and Zach Karuzas. I haven’t had the pleasure of talking with Zach yet, but both Ronnie and Jay are extremely insightful and talented artist. All of them are doing great things for the music community, and I can’t wait to see what kind of great events and music come out of this collective project.

Support these guys, listen to their music, and come to any of the events they play it. Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity (when he is in Colorado) play at City Hall on IMPACT nights pretty regularly. Tickets are always under 20 bucks, even on new years, and the line-ups are usually made up of great local talent. Come out and support the booming Colorado Bass Community!

Project Aspect:

Night By Night (Project Aspect Remix):

Chromeo – Night By Night (Project Aspect RMX) by ProJect Aspect

Unlimited Gravity:

Unlimited Gravity – My Diner:

My Diner by Unlimited Gravity

Wally Behnfield (Manager):

These guys are a big part of why Colorado is the heart of good electronic bass music right now. Show some love and support to the community!

Unlimited Gravity Feature (Includes free download of his new track Monumentalness)

Project Aspect Feature


Colorado New Years Eve: IMPACT Heavy-duty lineup

If you are going to be in Colorado for New Years Eve, this is where you should be. Located in Denver at 1144 Broadway, City Hall Amphitheater just announced this epic lineup for New Years. Nit Grit, NastyNasty and Freddy Todd have all already been featured on the SubSynthesis and the rest are a whole mix of great local artists. I can personally attest to both Nit Grit and NastyNasty being amazing live performers, and I have heard that Freddy Todd absolutely destroys crowds. Impact New Years is by far the best and heaviest lineup scheduled; the only exception being if you live in Fort Collins, it could definitely be worth it to check out Michal Menert instead and save yourself a drive! See you all at New Years!

More Info:

Impact NYE Event Website

-3 stages + afterhours @ 2am
-amazing lighting and visual projections
-live painters
-stage performers

Tickets available NOW

Get em while there are still some left, quickly selling out!

18+ | 21+ to Drink

1144 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Much more still to be announced!…


Unlimited Gravity

Unlimited Gravity AKA Ronnie Weberg is yet another one of the amazing producers coming out of Colorado. In the last month he has released an album, put out several singles, and rumors are he has been collaborating with several other big producers, including the already featured Project Aspect. Unlimited Gravity might be new, but he is definitely one of the heavy hitters on the scene now. Keep a close eye on this guy, I’m sure something big will be unveiled soon.

Check out his debut album All Day Every Day on the Unlimited Gravity BandCamp, and swing by the Unlimited Gravity SoundCloud to check out his newest releases!

Favorite Tracks off of All Day Every Day:

Unlimited Gravity – Mythical Reality:

Mythical Reality by Unlimited Gravity

Unlimited Gravity – Murnangadang:

Murnangadang – Unlimited Gravity by Unlimited Gravity

Also make sure to check out the new single Unlimited Gravity released yesterday, the Glitch-Epic “Crunkmatical”. The track is 6 full minutes of absolute fire, every second the very embodiment of what it means to be Glitch. Enjoy, and give the guy support in the coming months, you wont regret it!

Unlimited Gravity – Crunkmatical:

Crunkmatical by Unlimited Gravity


Project Aspect – Put This World On Hold

First of all, thanks to Woodz of the GlitchDrop (probably my most-visited blog) for referring me to this amazing track! Second, it’s only been a few weeks since I started SubSynthesis, and already I’ve featured Project Aspect three times. This is a perfect illustration of just how awesome and influential Project Aspect is in the booming Colorado music scene. He makes great thematic mixes throughout the year, keeps up good relations with his fan base, and regularly churns out good tracks. Lucky for you his latest track is so far his crowning achievement. I can explain it no way other than to say that the only music video that could possibly go with this glitch-epic would be a fully immersive iIMAX video of near-impossible helicopter footage over a massive natural wonder.

In “Put This World On Hold”, Project Aspect creates one of the first true Glitch-Epics. Clocking in at over 6 minutes, it would seem too long for a track of this genre. By the end of the track, one is left not bored and ready for a new song, but sad that such a dissociative and mind-blowing experience must finally come to an end. If you trust me at all, you will listen to this song over and over again!

Do what the song says, and let the track take you to a different place, far away from all the concerns of your life. Crank up the music and “Put This World On Hold”!!!

Project Aspect – Put This World On Hold:

Put This World on Hold by ProJect Aspect

Project Aspect SoundCloud

Project Aspect Facebook

I’ve heard rumors that something special and secret involving Unlimited Gravity (Another brilliant Colorado producer) might be in the works. A collaborative track by the two of them called “Illy” can be heard in Project Aspects’s Fall 2010 Mix.


Ben Samples – Dubstomp 2.0

I feel totally comfortable calling Ben Samples the most prolific artist in the industry right now. He puts out several albums a year, all of them good, and is constantly sustaining fans with new tracks from week to week. Tending towards the heavier side of the glitch movement, Samples kills it on the dance floor. His new EP, Dubstomp 2.0, is no exception. With a VIP version of an old track, as well as several great new releases, Dubstomp 2.0 is packed with bangers; mastered, packaged, and ready for the download.

Check out the Dubstomp 2.0 EP today!!!

Ben Samples – Sirens:

Sirens by Ben Samples

The album is up for free download, but Samples leaves us with the following note for those who download it:

“All the profits go directly to the artist, please donate and support me to keep music alive. This EP was made specifically to help make upgrades to my studio”.

As far as record sales go, thats about as good as it gets. If you like the EP and can afford to donate, support Ben Samples. He is keeping the movement alive and thriving with his steady releases and local support. He needs all the help we can give him!

Ben Samples Facebook

Ben Samples SoundCloud

Ben Samples Bandcamp (Shows just HOW prolific he really is!)