Frequent-C (Mega-Post)

(Picture by Steve Conry:

So it came to my attention that I made a critical error in my Mile High Sound Movement feature. Somehow I failed to mention new member Frequent-C aka Cody Yozipovic. This is not a slight oversight, Cody, yet another brilliant artist out of the Boulder, Colorado area, is not one to be overlooked. “As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter stemming from a broad musical background, Frequent-C’s sound is not limited to only one genre. With heavy influences in jazz, hip-hop, and dub while incorporating live guitar, keyboards, and beat production in a live and studio setting, the music that resonates is a constantly evolving collective of different musical genres that makes each live performance different from the last.” – Frequent-C SoundCloud

In order to make up for forgetting Cody in my previous update, I am going to give you all a special treat straight from Frequent-C himself. Calling his unique and versatile style “Jazzstep”, cody incorporates all the beloved elements of glitch and dub while managing to maintain a more chilled-out jazzy feel. This unique blend makes for a style of music as comfortable in the headphones doing work as it is at a party on the dancefloor. As the body of artists producing electronic music increases rapidly, those shining stars with true musical talent beyond the ability to construct a simple track finally begin to emerge. Frequent-C, like all members of the awesome Mile High Sound Movement, is one of these musical shining stars.

For a great general overview of his style, check out his “Islands” Fall Promo Mix, it features some great originals, and gives you a good idea of what inspires Frequent-C.

Frequent-C – Islands Promo Mix:

Islands Promo Mix by Frequent-C

—-Islands Alternative Download—-

As an extra special treat, I’m also going to include a full set of free downloads Frequent-C gave me. Spread the love and make sure all your friends enjoy the Jazz-Step sound of Cody Yozipovic!

Frequent-C Facebook

In no particular order (All of them are excellent and available for FREE DOWNLOAD):

Frequent-C – Perception:
by Frequent-C
—-Perception Alternative Download—-

Frequent-C – Broseidon:

Broseidon feat. The Candyman by Frequent-C
—-Broseidon Alternative Download—-

Mezmorized (Frequent-C Remix):

Wiz Khalifa – Mezmorized (Frequent-C Jazz Refix) by Frequent-C
—-Mesmorized Alternative Download

Frequent-C – Kids These Days:

Kids These Days feat. The Candyman by Frequent-C
—-Kids These Days Alternative Download—-

Also be sure to check out Frequent-C at his upcoming shows! He regularly plays in Colorado and the nearby areas, and his style is utterly conducive to a unique live performance. Don’t miss out!

Wild Turkey Thanksgiving Event:

11/20 Show in Aspen (For those of you who will be in the mountains)

And last but not least his upcoming show at the legendary Fox in Boulder:

Give Cody some love and feedback on his tracks, talented up-and-coming artists need as much support from the community as they can get!


  1. December 8th, 2010

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